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    pulpy book covers, the card games played with the tarot pack, philosophy, movies, and tea. Not necessarily in that order.

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  1. TheEarnestBunbury

    Focus stacking - 160 and 25 frames

    It's too easy to forget just how amazing the world is - work like this is a wonderful reminder. I'm blown away and really don't have the words to express my feelings, so I'll have to settle for Beautiful, and Thank You!
  2. TheEarnestBunbury

    Elinor and the T-Rex (a.k.a. 65 Million Years from Home)

    It's been a long day... thank you for making me smile at the end of it
  3. TheEarnestBunbury

    Designing Pulp Book Covers

    Hi, I was just looking at a couple of your posts and was very impressed with what you have done with compositing and Dynamic Auto-Painter (also your T-Rex mouth-cam, which was great fun). I do think that 3D models lend themselves very well to a natural media finish - partly because of the uncanny valley. Photos of faces that have been filtered this way, often fail to sell the effect because it can't hide the exactness of the photographic source, while the little failings in a 3D model that gives rise to the uncanny valley in photo-realism, actually help sell a natural media effect, suggesting the imperfect hand of an artist over the perfect rendition of film.
  4. TheEarnestBunbury


    Wow! Excellent work - the composited spider blends in perfectly rendered with the paint effect. I like the second of these in particular thanks to the greens picked up in the spider's body.
  5. TheEarnestBunbury

    Designing Pulp Book Covers

    I've been working on how to create book covers that imitate those of the pulpy paperbacks of years past. The idea was to work on a method that others could use as a viable - and so necessarily cheap - option for the self and Indie publishing market. I had been making do with an old version of Photoshop Elements that came with my Bamboo Fun & Touch tablet but decided to take the plunge and try Affinity Photo when I got a new computer, and that turned out to be a very good decision. So... I start off in a program nobody likes to mention - Poser. I'm not too fussy about render settings as so much is changed in post, what matters is the figure, the posing, and the lighting. The result is then opened in Affinity Photo, where I start with some adjustment layers (highlights/shadows, brightness/contrast, colour balance), along with a plug-in from Topaz called Simplicity. This result is then saved out and opened up in a paint program called Art Rage and then attacked with an oil brush and knife to leave me with a faux painting. In Affinity Photo, I've been building some book cover templates and the faux painting is introduced there, with some wear and tear added for a display version. The two designs I've posted here were both based on Mike Shayne covers (the first is one I've seen copied by other publishers, the second is a bit of a classic - enough for someone to have created a font based on it). For very simple designs like this - ie a single figure with one or two props, and also assuming a cover design template is used, then the production time can be between 2-3hrs. I believe that someone more skilled than myself can probably do both a better job of it and at a faster time but even at my speed, I think this could mean a low enough cost for the target market. I don't think I'm ever going to be sufficiently happy with my own efforts to enter that market myself (or, to be honest, with enough free time), so I would like to encourage others to have a go themselves.