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  1. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled again.. so far it's okay. I'll add to this if it does it again.
  2. Thank you for the response! I did try making sure nothing was selected. I also started a new canvas and was unable to paint in that. I restarted the program, and still was unable to paint. The eraser does work. This only seems to affect the paintbrush.
  3. It doesn't work with Mouse either, and I've opened a new Canvas and it still does not work.
  4. And the bug is happening again after installing the old version. I used the Select lasso and then the move tool to select the head of my sketch and rotate it slightly. After that I can't use the brushes to paint or draw. I can use the erase tool, so I know my stylus is okay. This is extremely frustrating.
  5. I was running the latest Affinity - 1.7.3 and Windows 7. Working on a painting and suddenly I couldn't paint in it. I created a new file, and couldn't paint there either. I reset brushes and restarted my computer, and couldn't paint. I had to reinstall 1.7.1 in order to paint again. Very frustrating.
  6. The size / opacity of the brush is still reset to whatever you had it saved to in the catagory? Not what was being used last? So, say I had a brush saved to 70 percent opacity, but took it down to 5 for a particular thing, then switched to another brush to do something. If I come back to the Previous brush, it's back to 70 percent opacity. It would be more convenient for the program to remember the last.. say 5 brushes and what size / opacity you were using during that time. Does this make sense? Programs such as Corel Painter have a brush palette for this reason. So it is faster for a digital painter to work back and forth between brushes.
  7. As someone who uses Affinity Photo for Digital painting, it would be helpful to have a palette that would store a few brushes that are being used so that one could quickly switch back and forth on the fly between brushes and not lose the desired settings. This would save a lot of clicking around.
  8. I really love these Eegits! I bet they are fun to do!
  9. Thank you! It was a fun one to make. I confess my first attempt at flaming swords looked a bit like a muscle car. I love Elder Scrolls, and I'll be bringing more art in the future!
  10. Very cool! Your mice are cute, and I like the color reflection on the table surface.
  11. I've never had much luck learning Adobe Illustrator, but Affinity Designer has been far easier to grasp. Here is my third Vector project. It's a House Banner for a Redoran / Breton couple from Elder Scrolls Online. It has Netches and a Shalk Beetle for the Redoran (Dunmeri) and the Crossed Swords / Shield for the Breton. Thank you for such a solid product!
  12. Thank you for the answer and the welcome! I use Affinity Photo mostly for digital painting, so flexibility in brushes is very important. Good thing I was already in love with it before you rolled out 1.7.2. I hope you can get the bug fixed in the next update.
  13. Hello, I'm a newer user of your software and updated to the latest Version and since that update, I cannot import new brushes into Affinity Photo or Designer. I have read that there is a bug, but has anyone found a way around this bug? should I go back to Version 1.7.1? Thank you!
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