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  1. Azschrael

    Faucet with AD + iPad

    Salute! I like the Sketched Look a lot. ombined with the metal surface this is an interesting contrast. Well done.
  2. Azschrael


    I just flew through the whole entry here and my mouth stays open. What a great job. And what a great effect with all the small details. And all vector. Houlymouly.
  3. It already looks like a ready-to-use promotion image. Great.
  4. Thank you for your kind words. And they should be "cute". That's good. That was my concept.
  5. Azschrael

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    This vector Stuff is great, and also... cute. Well done. I never thought vector graphics could seem so alive. incredible.
  6. Good morning together, Over the weekend I continued to work with the digital world. The challenge of a friend was "Create something with a frog". Admittedly, I am not completely happy with it. I still have to work on the hairstyle, I don't like it yet. Furthermore, I have to say that I have trouble finding the brushes again and again. I think I have to take the time to put together my own set of brushes so that I can find my favourites faster. Starts well into the week.
  7. Much thanks for your words. I make some digital stuff before, but never "Draw" and work with Affinity. I never was happy. Because it was so "clean". Not like warm and charming stuff. I paint stuff like this (just a link, because it isn't digital - they are Acrylpainting on a A3 Paper) And I love the structure from a Brush and the Paper behind. But I also wanna share the Work with some Designs on a Mug, or as an illustration in some Books. That's why I buy all the Affinity Products. And I hope you're right, so I can reach my goal. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzCxUTRoyvS/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B1-mqrqobWR/
  8. Salute together, I'm new in the forum and new in the digital world. My English isn't perfect either, but I'll do my best. Normally I paint realistically with acrylic, pencil or colour pencil. Because this is only a hobby, it was never relevant for me. But... but, I have a dream. To create a children's book and for that I have to paint digitally. Therefore, here is my start into the digital world. I take a Person I know, and it is the only Person (at the moment) I can draw in a "easy" way. Me. I work on that point. The " little Äshi " will be my exercise object, so I will include new creations directly in the same thread and hope that's okay. With the brushes of Frankentoon and Affinity Designer I created this colorful variation of the "little Äshi". As always, the sketch is painted analogously. This was the first expirience to draw with Affinity, an I like it! Start with the first digital Äshi!
  9. Azschrael

    Chengdu's night

    Oh, my goodness. I was not so aware of that, then I said nothing like that.
  10. incredible, I've never seen anything like that.
  11. uh, uh, I think it's great to see the history of that, too. Quite a style of your own. Beautifully made.
  12. Azschrael

    Chengdu's night

    A great mood in the picture. The colours are suitable and effectively chosen. Really beautiful. If the question is allowed, what is the significance of the panda in the skyline?