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  1. Tony, I had been using different applications for wireframes/interactive web mockups, but AD could be the all-in-one wireframe tool with a bonus plug-in for exporting HTML5 and CSS. A feature or plug-in like this might make AD a UI/UX designer's prototype go to: Here is another article I thought you might find interesting. This is what I've been working with lately: Since this is a bit off topic, I decided to post this here. -T
  2. Hello Everyone. My name is Thomas Matason and I'm a graphic designer living in Denver, Colorado, United States. I've been using Adobe products for years, and like them just fine until the whole Creative Cloud thing happened. I heard about this project on CreativeBloq and decided to check it out. With all the amazing and talented people providing input on this program, I won't be surprised when it changes the industry standard. This is an awesome opportunity! -T