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  1. Please have a look here too: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/72597-new-app-icon/&tab=comments#comment-379466
  2. (I:U)

    New app icon ?

    Dear all, just a friendly reminder that "human interface guidelines" are at the core of Apple app development, and full part of the macOS plus iOS everyday (fluid) experience. The Affinity family needs to improve in that area, old and newer icons are just-not-here-now. An "i like" or "i don't like" point of view doesn't offer clues to the right question... https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/macos/icons-and-images/app-icon/
  3. Hello Chris, here are two screenshots with a very simple example same bug if linked images ... hope it may help?
  4. From beta .139/.140 Resource Manager is supposed to open with selected image or images in document? This is not the case with .145 on two machines... iMac running Sierra and MacBook Pro running Mojave
  5. Dear mac_heibu. Thanks for checking, but you know what? Nobody told here that the PDF for sample was the one "printed". The preview version is just linked to give some idea about the number of pages, images, etc. Real document is perfectly printed, don't worry about it ;-)) Just my two cents.
  6. Thanks Patrick for your feedback. I am 100% with you about the "official" warning... This example is just here to say: for some kind of documents, with some kind of safety net in a personal production process, Affinity Publisher could right now be almost operational
  7. Chris, I was both anxious/happy to take the risk of using AFP for real production. But code is never "finished" and—IMHO—the developers are doing a great and very promising job. Congrats+ to them ;-!) In case somebody is curious about it, here is a link to (4.6Mb) PDF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1kvkx2w1sh09dy/SPIDI-PR.pdf?dl=0
  8. Living on the edge—sometime. I've decided to produce a very pro catalog with Affinity Publisher Beta, despite disclaimer! The output from printer is almost colors perfect. A BIG THANKS to the Serif team, even if software is not final... Please forgive me to put this topic in (no) "bugs" section ;–)
  9. Hi Chris, That document was not saved with history, i'll try to clarify the steps here: 1 Working on a 24p document on iMac (10.12.6) running smooth as butter 2 During that part of process, I inserted some layers "on top" of others 3 I then separated 4 pages (the "cover") from regular (20) pages 4 Finished the day, document saved of course 5 When reopening it (20p): shuffling of layers... 6 100% sure that some of the upper ones went down... 7 because I had to dig down—under images—to find captions Hope that helps, sorry to regularly unveil some "strange" display bugs
  10. A small glitch—not life threatening but annoying: At some point in design process, I insert some layers on top of others (not the default position for insertion...) Then I decide to remove 4 pages from the base layout: from that point, the "special" layers were back lower in the stack, as if they are back to "normal" position. That is in
  11. By the way, thanks again to the whole team for rapid progress of your great —and much needed— publishing software...
  12. Hi Chris, Not seen that "beast" anymore with last build. Probably good news... Keeping an eye :-)
  13. On September 7 and previous build I reported: the same kind of behaviour with 2017 MacBook Pro. So... it's probably not related to a particular machine or system?
  14. Hi Chris, Here is a copy of iMac specs. That bug is not happening on a regular basis... I noticed it the first time i tested "Large Font UI" after installing the last beta? Just my two cents :-(
  15. Asking for: Large Font UI Size in Preferences immediately crash (and register this wish at restart)

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