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  1. Brillant stuff, thanks for sharing !
  2. CLIP sTUDIO PAINT is both on IOS, WIN and Mac. You can change the library location on PC. Sorry.for being dumb.
  3. PC are not Ipad with native tactile features (I have a Wacom Intuos Pro) and Ipad haven't got multiple storages unless you use Clouds. It has no sense.
  4. CLC , Thank you for your reply and all my apologizes for being so long. I use Windows an I don't wan't to risk to "harm my system"... Software like Moho, Clip Studio Paint or FL Studio give the possibility to displace library's folder in any internal-external HDD, SSD or even USB device. Obviously I've buyed all tree softwares, many brushes and my SSD is 115go with 17go free today. I have 5To un HDD. Good continuation for all...
  5. GREAT work dev team ! But we really need a dialog message to displace libraries location out of tiny SSD capacity
  6. Many thanks for your reply sfriedberg, With hybrid vector-bitmap the size of the librariy grows up quickly, raster bitmaps are riche and detailled but it has a cost ; the size of the library + it seems libraries are not shared between software so you have to install it twice (I'm not absolutly sure on this point, I have to check it) Affinity has a lot of potential. Have a good day, or whatever you need.
  7. Hello everyone, I have a recent configuration with a 100go on the SSD, 1TO on an internal hard drive + 4To external drive on USB 3. Affinity suite put all brushes (raster and vectors) and each familly like assets on the SSD because he has the C letter and Windows is on it. I have a serious problem of space. Some others software like "Moho12-13 asks during the installation WHERE to put the libraries, that makes me sense. Is there any possibilities to displace libraries ? (by default for brushes C:\Users\Utilisateur\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\1.0\user\raster_brushes.propcol) ? Even I installing Affinity Designer in an another hardrive will intal its library on C:\ Some software in order to make some portals or nexte release of Affinity suite with an option to put thoses heavy files elsewhere ? BTW I'm astonished by the work you did on the three software. Many thanks.
  8. Hello people. I've noticed I can't import int Affinity Designer more than 15 libraries (*.afbrushes) : the sofware displays the message "X brushes were succesfully imported" but I can't see them anywhere. I've tried some stuff like undock brushes's window, etc I'm disapointed because : I've paid thoses brushes (DAUB) Affinity Photo can import more than 15 brushes like a charm. Keep it up, you're doing a fabulous work.
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