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  1. So, why to pay more?


    Petar I think the flipside of your coin is just as clear.


    Having a more expensive and possibly bloated app that performs what three Adobe apps can achieve could easily be considered undesirable for an illustrator who wants a lean and focused design app, or a clean layout program. And of course the cost of only buying one smaller focused app is very low. Why pay more?

  2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far. This first tips article will cover 15 subjects from setting up the workspace to advanced curve editing with lots of handy keyboard, touch, and mouse shortcuts in between. Some focus came straight from the forum, thank you!


    Don't stop! I'd love to attribute more tips to the designer that described them in future articles, or they could appear in the upcoming Affinity Review magazine.

  3. Very classy! Nice work :)  Gradients are easily added/adjusted with the Gradient Tool - just press the letter G on your keyboard to automatically go to the Gradient Tool :)


    I've seen some unusual questions about using it after this point from those who have not used a dynamic tool like ours before, so might add a little extra...


    Click and drag on your selected shape to set the gradient path, move around while dragging, it's live.

    Click on a colour node on the gradient path to select it, then apply a custom colour from the Colour/Swatches panel.

    Click on the path to add new nodes.

    Alter the rate of change of colour using the short marker between colour nodes.

    On the Colour panel, add noise to any point on the gradient using the little switch at the left of the Opacity slider.


  4. I think the tip I appreciate the most is that dragging and dropping layers (depending on the drop target) is a quick way to clip objects and apply masks, as well as the usual changing z-order etc. It shows how much thought has gone in to simple tasks, with logic marrying fluidity.


    As a relative newb to Macs and no pro designer, I'm not used to a keyboard shortcut workflow so the 'shortcut' I appreciate the most is clicking the middle mousehweel for panning. It allows me to work zoomed in and edit nodes, pressure profiles, colours, fills etc etc and move around the design while leaning lazily on one elbow rather than having to reach for keys :)

  5. What's the hint or tip you've appreciated the most when using Affinity Designer, or the hint/tip you wish you'd been told early on?


    Whether it's for efficiency, accuracy, or achieving something that you just can't do in other apps, what would you pass on to a newbie? Obviously the forum is packed full of some fantastic tips, and some experts can write (or have already written) a book son design, so to help distill what's most useful into one thread just let me know your favourite tip or two. I'm drafting my own top 10 and will share it here as well. (Edit: whoops it's a top 20 already. Now 25.)


    My aim here is to publish the info on Creative Bloq late in November, and also collate tips from the community for issues of the upcoming Affinity Review magazine and quick tip videos! We love the involvement you've all had here and can't wait to release more cool stuff to enhance Affinity apps! Thanks, Dale.

  6. All this makes the route faster and is more accurate (I think) in Illustrator i use the shortcut "CMD + Y" to go to "outline" mode at all times. So do the last video tutorial. Sorry for my english, i hope you will understand, your app looks amazing but I think it lacks this option.


    This is work done in Illustrator, try doing something in your app and I can not for lack of this option... IMAGE     Regards  :)


    Hi yban, you can switch to this view in Affinity Designer using the "Outline view mode" button on the top toolbar or by using the "View > View Mode > Outline" menu command. I don't think there's a shortcut right now but it's worth suggesting one.



  7. Thanks. I'll give it a whirl.


    How do I become a beta-tester ?

    Do I have to pass some sort of exam first ?

    If so please let me know, love to get involved.


    Once you download and install the beta version from the forum, you're a beta tester. All you need for the beta version to run is to have bought and installed Affinity Designer from the Mac App Store.


    Other Affinity products will be available as free open betas that you can download in due course; Affinity Photo is due before the end of 2014. Cheers, Dale.

  8. I'm delighted to have been involved in putting together this article on the popular Creative Bloq for designers using Affinity Designer... you'll know some names in the piece from this forum :)




    Please share these talented folks' artworks by using the social buttons at the top of the article.


    You'll also recognise most if not all the designs as they have appeared in some form on Twitter, in the product in some cases, in the forum, and in some Affinity marcomms. I take my hat off to these designers in particular for what they've achieved but appreciate all of you that are producing artwork with AD, I hope we're able to give you all an opportunity to look fantastic.


    Designers in this spotlight piece are:


    Val Motsch (Lescot)

    Jonathan Ball (Poked Studios)

    Ben The Illustrator (The Huddle Formation)

    Neil Ladkin (Serif & Affinity Art Director)

    David Wildish (FLOKK Creative)

    Sascha Preuβ (Bubblefriends)

    Paolo Limoncelli (UX-DesignStudio)

    Ignacio Valicenti (IDV)




    Thanks guys, Dale.

  9. Hi everyone. 


    I've recently had knee surgery so in my recovery time thought it would be good to learn a new skill...


    Very much new to graphic design so lots to learn. I'm a complete novice and am based in London. 


    I was wondering if anyone was able to recommend a course or somewhere i can get some help... Are the Affinity guys based in London too? maybe they could do some sessions?


    Thanks for all your help - feels great to learn something new, and the software seems to be very intuitive.





    Hi Hugo


    Your timing is great, MacBitesLearning are running a free tutorial session on Affinity Designer tonight, 8pm. I'm sure there'll be some useful tips whatever your level and you can ask for further resources too. 




    Also take a look at the tutorials section of our forum, you'll find more than just Affinity's own videos, many of the other forumites are experienced designers that are producing fantastic tutorials with great explanations.




    Good luck and get well soon!

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