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Ahlam Mohammed

How to open Affinity files in illustrator

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Hi every one,

Assalam Alikom 


I have been sent Affinity file to my friend because I want her to make some edits. She use illustrator so she cant open the file.

I also try to export it as SVG but it is not clear.


therefore, how to open affinity files in illustrator and being able to edit it?


I attache the affinity file.



vector الدرهم.afdesign

vector الدرهم.afdesign

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Hi Ahlam, you'll need to export from Affinity Designer in a format that Illustrator can open, say PDF. You've mentioned trying SVG, you can also try EPS if PDF Doesn;t work for you.


If the SVG didn't work for your friend, you could submit it here and explain what was wrong with the process, maybe it can be improved.

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