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  1. Hi Jakob, welcome to the forum. Hit the V key for the Move tool (towards the top of the left hand toolbar) then drag a corner handle or type into the Transform panel.
  2. Hi LMB, welcome to the forums. It's not been added to the release version yet, but auto-alignment of layers, which can be used to stitch panoramas, has been added to the 'customer beta' version of Affinity Photo. The customer beta is a test release featuring new developments before they are included in a Mac App Store update, and it's available for Affinity Photo owners to install and use from further down the forum. Cheers, Dale.
  3. It varies by country, but in many places you can use PayPal and other methods without handing over credit card details. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT202631
  4. Brilliant, I hope you enjoy using it - at least you already know the best place on the web for any questions too! :) Best wishes Lianne.
  5. This has been pushed into the first half of 2016 Peter, with an official launch in H2.
  6. Hi Lianne It sounds like either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer alone would meet your needs; you can create multiple layers, add stock imagery, add text, change fonts, apply blend modes etc in either of those apps. Affinity Photo is closest to GIMP and PS, but Affinity Designer is a powerful design tool up to the task. If you want to be able to manipulate text and other shape outlines to their fullest, e.g. having text flowing along a path, you would need Affinity Designer rather than Affinity Photo. If you need to be able to warp photos you would need Affinity Photo rather than Affinity Designer. If you were to end up owning both it absolutely would not be a pain to transfer artwork between the two apps, they're designed to work this way and are 100% compatible. In fact they're compatible in ways that other suites lay awake dreaming about. Hope you're willing and able to share your book covers once you get started with Affinity!
  7. Not sure what you mean Jonas - there is a new Lens Filter adjustment layer in the Photo persona that adds a nice colour cast.
  8. Hi M4rck3, not all those formats currently support all the things you're asking of them, to maintain layers, groups, layer and group names, and for objects (or layers) with effects to remain as vectors. Some of this could improve over time and some is just impossible due to the nature of design and file formats. For instance if you blur text or a shape it is not going to remain a vector except in Affinity apps. The only way to guarantee someone gets exactly the same file as you intend is to use the same app and the same file, e.g. for your clothing company to use Affinity Designer to open your Affinity Designer file. No single standard format like EPS or SVG will support everything that an afdesign file supports. My best recommendation for you is to use PDF especially if the clothing company wants to use Illustrator. Illustrator can open PDFs, so if you avoid using raster effects and stick to clean vectors and text they should be able to import your PDF file in Illustrator. If you are having problems exporting your design to PDF and it opening properly in Illustrator let us know, maybe give some specifics or share a file that the devs can look into for you. Lastly, Pantone is still on the roadmap M4rck3, sorry there's no ETA been confirmed yet for when this will be added to Affinity Designer. Best wishes.
  9. Hi Habsi, there is File > New from Clipboard that will do that and more - it creates a new document of the right size and includes your clipboard content for you all in one go. Cheers, Dale.
  10. I've chosen a Huion 610 Pro and am still setting it up. It has brush size buttons at the left of the tablet area along with buttons for the brush tool, zoom +/-, undo, erase brush, and hand tool. The two buttons on the side of the pen can be configured, as can 16 shortcut spots at the top of the tablet. Am sure it's similar to Wacom and other tablets. Doesn't have a stylus wheel but the thing was a very good price so I gave it a go. Anyone want to share other setup tips? Maybe we can compile ideas into a tablet guide?
  11. We’ve heard that the guys over at Smashing Magazine are looking for independent contributors to create a set of tutorials for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. All authors at Smashing Magazine get paid, so it's not just for kudos. If you have good experience as a writer and using Affinity apps, this could be for you! There's more information about what Smashing Magazine are after, and contact details, over on our blog post. Best wishes, Dale.
  12. Check what kind of layer you have selected - make sure it's not an adjustment, filter, mask etc., then click, hold, and drag to select the area to Inpaint. Release the button and it'll then do its magic.
  13. What are your OS X and Aperture versions please Chris & Guido?
  14. We took care to ensure it was a 15 day sale to avoid confusion about whether the promo was still running on the 23rd - and it was - but seemingly not right until midnight. Apologies that you just missed out, we'll have to make up for it by being awesome in as many ways as we can.
  15. Sadly not, the controls we have are limited and the transactions are all securely Apple. If I could send you an individual 20% off code I would but that's not possible either.
  16. The offer should expire at the end of the day - Apple hit the switch on that though. We get to choose when the description changes, i think that should be another hour or thereabouts (6pm GMT ish)
  17. We've made the offer July 23rd inclusive, until midnight. What country's Mac App Store are you using?
  18. Hi everyone In case you didn't know, AFFINITY PHOTO HAS LAUNCHED and is in the Mac App Store now. I could say a ton about how fantastic the app is and give you so much information, but it's already out there on our website, so I'll just give you some links! Mac App Store shortcut Affinity Photo web page Awesome promo video Affinity Photo full features page with system requirements Affinity Photo blog post about the launch Launch Tweet - please retweet if you can Launch Facebook post - and please share too :) Obviously the whole team is delighted to see today after so much work, the devs have done an incredible job. Thank you all too for your part in helping the app grow during the beta test. Dale.
  19. Hi Al, the trial is secure on purpose so that it can not be used repeatedly, sorry. The dev team 'reset' the trial on April 2nd so that people who had previously installed an older trial version of Affinity Designer could download a fresh release and evaluate the new features we added to v1.2. If your expired trial was used after April 2nd there is no way to reset it. However, it is on offer right now so that's another option. If you have specific questions maybe the team or other forum members could help you decide if the app is what you want?
  20. Yep, hold the alt key while dragging the node or segment you want to adjust and the segments either side of it will be unaffected.
  21. You can see some wireframes/selected objects for this illustration over on Isabel's Behance page https://www.behance.net/gallery/6940087/Bubble-100-Vector-4-Different-Software-Comparative. The awesome bubble has been recreated in multiple apps, looks fantastic.
  22. Yes sorry for that, MEB is right, you need to use an isometric grid. In the beta version of Affinity Designer you will find a Grid and Axis Manager in the View menu. You can set up a nice 3-axis grid that will make this kind of illustration far easier to achieve compared to using the current Mac App Store release of the app. Uncheck Use automatic grid to set up a grid with your own choice of spacing, choosing a preset like Isometric from the drop-down list to make it easy if you wish.
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