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  1. Hi, Ive recently designed a jersey for a cycling club using AD. and normally export them to different formats, usually eps, pdf, and psd if files need to be sent to the chlothing company for printing and to be used in Illustrator. FIrst question, Why is it that when you try to open the file saved in different format, the layering, the grouping and other stuff gets lost and change drastically. For example, if i open an exported saved eps file they will be totally different arrangement, layering, grouping compared to the original afdesign file. Why can't they open an afdesign exactly as
  2. thanks. i'm trying to export my file as an eps for print file in AD. and i don't know how to do it...
  3. AS above, are there anyway that the file can be save or exported good enough for email use? I've tried compressing my files and exports on AD but they are still too big as an attchment on emails. How can i solve this problem. Thanks.
  4. Thanks a lot.. it was of great help... i think scale with object is a very good idea.. thanks again..
  5. thanks, here's the dropbox link... https://www.dropbox.com/s/64i708eipnkwgfs/padyak%20frimley%20logo.afdesign?dl=0
  6. how come whenever i resize the whole design... it seems to destroy the image... the details are gone, strokes will stay the same as the original size so when you try to resize the image to smaller dimensions some of the design won't change.. am i doing something wrong... this thing don't happen on illustrator..
  7. thanks for your quick replies... unfortuntely the forum won't allow more than 20mb for a single file size... mine is 23mb compressed.
  8. thanks for your quick replies... here is the file as requested...
  9. hello, hope somebody can help... i did a design and grouped all layers, when i tried to resize the design, the design don't resize as it supposed to be. some effects or changes are not resizing at all... for example, the text are not resizing at all...please see pics attached to explain the problem.. how can i make them resize without altering the whole design?
  10. thanks for the reply.. will you be helpful to help me out? and can we input the colour codes that we want? like pantone codes or cmyk plus pantone codes? l
  11. Can AD edit a png file? i have the attached qr code image in png below and want to edit like change the colors etc and do something to it for my design project can i do this?
  12. Lovely! What features is not yet available in AD and photo comapred to using my tablet in illustrator and photoshop?
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