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  1. Thanks, Callum. I thought it might be like that :( I definitely don't have the skill to design a similar image. No, I'll have to keep paying for the individual box sets. At least I can do my own single title covers.
  2. Hi, sorry, another newbie question. I want to make a box set book cover, and the easiest way to do it is to buy a template from this guy http://bookboxedset.com/how-to-use/ (I've seen the finished ones in the writer's forums - and they're awesome). He does say they only work on photoshop, not GIMP. Can I import a smart object layer template into AP? And can I make it work in the same way as the tutorial? If I can't, would I be able to design something similar without taking too much time? Or where would I advertise to commission one with the instructions?
  3. Aw, thanks! I think I'll start with photo, if it's most similar to what I already know. Then I can get AD later.
  4. Thank you so much, Dale! I really appreciate that. My eyes aren't as good as they were, so I shan't download it to this little air; I'm picking up my new iMac tomorrow (yay!) so I'll get it then. Thanks again
  5. Hi, Newbie here. I'm sorry if this question had been posted and I haven't found it in search. I design ebook covers for myself and other authors, (I'm not very good) and I've been using GIMP. I was thinking of changing to PS, but don't like the subscription model. I'm very impressed at the videos and tutorials of AP, but I've not been able to see if I would be able to open new layers and use fonts for the title and author in AP. Or would I have to design the image - I use a number of stock photos - and then buy AD to do the text editing? And if so, would it be a pain, transferr
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