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  1. PÅ¡enda, that's an interesting workaround. Makes good sense. >|<, I was looking for that in Preferences, but couldn't figure out how to get to that option.
  2. OK while I was searching for an existing thread that addresses this topic, I figured out a workaround. So after I posted this question, I set the Flood Fill Tool [G] to 100% Tolerance and unchecked "contiguous". That did the trick. But a keyboard shortcut would be convenient.
  3. Hi -- I think I used to know how to do this in Affinity. I want to Fill the selected pixel area with the foreground color. In Adobe it's "command-delete". Any help would be appreciated very much.
  4. allenbham

    Subtraction trouble

    Well, I kept trying combinations, and my problems came down to one large complex shape -- any Boolean operations that I used on it (add, subtract, intersect, divide, combine) all resulted in both it and the other selected layer disappearing completely. So I went back to an earlier saved version of my file and didn't have that problem any more. I don't know what happened to that shape meanwhile, but I got the work done that I needed. This kind of thing has happened to me more than once, so there must be something about the way that I do things that creates this problem.
  5. allenbham

    Subtraction trouble

    I enjoy using the Boolean tools in the upper right corner of Affinity Designer, but sometimes (seemingly randomly) have trouble using the Subtraction tool. Most of the time it's pretty simple: select two shapes, click the button with the minus sign, and the shape on top is cut out of the shape on the bottom. Sometimes I can't seem to make this work, though -- both shapes disappear and I can't figure out why. I have tried variations on these steps, to try and make them work, but so far they both keep disappearing. Do you have any insight on what I might be doing wrong? Or ways that I can get it to work?
  6. Thank you both so much, PixelPest and R C-R! I had already signed out of and back into the App Store a few times, but deleting the old version, then powering down, and reinstalling did the trick. That makes perfect sense -- i wish i had thought of it. AP 1.5.1 works great now!
  7. Yes -- when i open the App Store, it shows that i have purchased Photo and Designer in 2015, but it doesn't show that i can get an update for Photo. Now i have Photo Beta 1.5.2, which is good, but i have the feeling that i am going about this backwards. (?)
  8. Hi -- Sorry to ask what is probably a dumb question. On my Mac, I have purchased Affinity Photo 1.4.3 and downloaded Photo Beta version 1.5.0. On the Mac app store, Photo 1.5 does not show up under "Updates". When i run my version of Photo, it doesn't ask me if i want to update. I tried throwing my beta version in the trash to see if that would make it ask to update, but no. What should i do? I apologize, because i think i should probably already know how to do this.
  9. Thanks so much R C-R. I had looked around for that update, but in the wrong places. It was right there in my "Purchased" list, waiting for me to install it. And now i have installed the update and am using the Beta version to edit the file that i couldn't get into, the one that i had asked about in the first place. Thank you MattP!
  10. Hmm -- i have downloaded the beta version of Photo, but it won't let me run it because it apparently doesn't recognize that i have the purchased 1.4.2 version of Photo also installed in my Applications folder.
  11. AHa -- Thank you MattP, this is great news! I thought that i understood what you were getting at, but I was afraid of messing things up worse since I was already unsure of why the file wouldn't work. Thank you so much for the help! I am downloading the beta Photo and looking forward to the next appstore update!
  12. Wait -- are you saying that if i had v1.5 of Photo i could open that file that is now a Design file? :) Or is the genuinely good news about getting Photo 1.5 just a consolation for my bad situation? :unsure:
  13. Hi to my dear colleagues at Affinity! I have been using, enjoying, and singing the praises of Affinity Design and Photo for some time now. I am using Photo v 1.4.2 and Designer v 1.5.4. I just mistakenly opened an old Photo file in Designer and saved it. Now i can only open it in Designer -- Photo won't open it anymore. And i am afraid that i am stuck. It's a pixel-based file, i was confused when i opened it in Designer. What should i do? Is there any way to undo what i have done?
  14. Hi again -- I have a file that was produced from an old photo by a free online image vectorizer, jpg to svg in this case. (I hope that Affinity may someday develop that vectorizing superpower, but for now I am using this as a workaround.) I got an image that I can make good, but it's got tiny tiny gaps between every shape. At first I was hoping that this was just a monitor/resolution thing, but I exported as a jpg and the gaps pixelized (see attached). SO -- here's my point -- is it possible to "Select All" and then grow the size of every shape by a tiny fraction, to preserve the composition of the image but cover up the gaps? I am pretty sure that I have done this kind of thing before, but maybe not in Affinity yet. I am learning my way around the structure of all the options, but it is not intuitive to me yet -- is this commend in there someplace, or is there another way to do this without manually Selecting each of the gazillion shapes and resizing by hand? Thanks so much for any and all advice that you may give. MrMoran4j(2).svg
  15. Thanks so much Alex! That did the trick -- I had been struggling with selecting and deselecting but had never managed to get it quite right. But I followed your advice and it went well. I guess I need to learn about Active Selections now.