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  1. Welcome to the forum Sara. Zoom is alt+mousewheel if my memory's right.
  2. Hi Aliguy, nice design, simple and stylish like the most enduring logos. I saw this was a screenshot so wanted to let you know you can export as PNG from Designer; check out the Export persona. When you switch to Export persona the workspace changes to give you export tools. You can create slices of custom size or sized automatically based on your Layers/groups, you can control the export format and quality, then output single or multiple files in one go. HTH.
  3. Yes Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher are going to be separate apps, but from what I understand of the roadmap, Jens, you won't need a viewer. You just buy whichever of the three apps you want and can work in all three apps with one document if you wish. Transferring a document between apps will be very simple, so you can quickly proceed using that app's tools (and whichever Personas it includes).
  4. But the short silent videos aren't meant to be tutorials. Do you think they just don't work for promotional purposes?
  5. Yep it's certainly proven that multiple channels and increased engagement increases retention, that's definitely the case for the tutorial vids.
  6. Hi Gregg, the tutorials do have a voiceover talking about what the operator is doing. The feature videos and #BecauseWeCan promo vids don't, do you think one or both of those video types should have some? I hoped they are so simple that it's easy to see what's happening.
  7. Hi, as mentioned in an earlier thread we have a growing collection of mini vids that each showcase a single feature for promo purposes. They'll most likely end up on the Affinity website to complement the descriptions there. Let us know your thoughts good or bad, thanks everyone. <Links removed> One of our creatives is also making similar short and sexy videos to promote the Affinity Designer beta via Twitter, if you could retweet them that would be a real help, thanks. https://twitter.com/MacAffinity
  8. Here's an example of the feature vids for the Affinity website - they're short and sweet, promotional not tutorial. I've chosen captions rather than a short voiceover, easier to translate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBrf77CzfNE If you have any feedback about the style of the tutorials or short feature vids please let us know. Thanks everyone.
  9. Hiya retrograde, set the Controller option on the context toolbar to Pressure when you're about to draw a line. I can't check right now but think this setting is remembered.
  10. Petra you can also try publishing PDF files straight from DrawPlus without using Acrobat. (Let us know if you want some recommended output settings.) Then import that PDF into Affinity Designer. HTH.
  11. Abe I believe the intent for launch is to support accurate import and export of PDF, AI, PSD, EPS, and SVG files, plus import of FH files. One of the Devs may want to correct me if I've sold Designer short there.
  12. As well as sharing a liking for speed, accuracy, and pro colour, Affinity titles will also share a common file format. You'll be able to work in a seamless mixed discipline workflow, editing the same projects in Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher.
  13. Ha fail... I guessed there was more to it than first exploration, but Alt and Ctrl don't seem to work together so there's room for improvement there at least? I still think it might be clunky for migrating Illustrator users, modifying something as frequently used as marquee select behaviour probably deserves a preference rather than a keypress. And how about hover highlight for the select target? Although I haven't filtered them particularly well, these questions came from an Illustrator user that tried Designer and found it confusing. Modifying the user is an option rather than modifying Designer, you guys have the awkward job of striking the balance!
  14. Not sure why I didn't find the modifier, perhaps my key press timing was out - there is some inherent lag with Space key for pan tool switching etc too. I tried all the obvious keys as DP has a modifier too. I'd have thought a long term Illustrator user might get fed up using a modifier, is a Preference setting a possibility? How about using that keyboard modifier to exclude the first object clicked on? If that's already covered too I'm off to read the Help system...
  15. Sharing this comment from reddit/r/graphic_design: First impression: Confusing. At the moment you really need to include the whole vector shape in a marquee to select it, when you usually (read: in Illustrator) just mark one tiny bit of it to select the whole. Could be a keyboard modifier or what might be better for migrating users is an option in Preferences. The same user also suggested hover-glow or similar hover selection aid.
  16. in HSL Wheel mode, can the colour palette report selected colour in the document's colour model in addition to HSL? Or can clicks over the values toggle the feedback through colour models? Picking a colour with the pipette for instance only shows the RGB values on screen while the picker is active, if you want to know the values after that you have to switch from Wheel to Sliders to see RGB (and Hex). Ta.
  17. I'm referring to right-clicking on the slice in the design space, in addition to the controls in the Slices panel. And to consider allowing export of slices from the Export dialog, or a similar but new Export Slices dialog that offers formatting and naming options. Ta.
  18. He's definitely soppy, he loves morning hugs and nightimes asleep on my feet about as much as I do.
  19. OK this is getting to know the app and who it's aimed at, but.... when I created a slice as a way of exporting just a specific part of my document there was no visible way to actually export it. My Slices panel was not on show, there was no option in the Export dialog, no File > Export Slice option, no option/right-click or shortcut on the slice itself, and when I found how to export a slice there was no file naming step. Could the Slice panel be open by default in the Export persona, perhaps with Layers moved to a different panel group? Could there be an option to export one or more slices from the Export dialog? Could it be more obvious that slice names will be file names? Does the default 'whole design' slice need to be checked by default when there are custom slices? Aren't most people just going to want their own slices exported? Web page mockups aside. I guess it's geared up for web site and web graphics and those who know the specific design concepts, but slices can also serve simply as custom export regions for other types of designers so thought for me and them too that generic exports could be easier to achieve.
  20. Hi, I'm Dale, copywriter, tech author, blogger, demonstrator and a few other things. I've joined the Mac lads (and ladies) so I can use and abuse Affinity titles and other Mac software and help make it shine on our website, in the press, and social media accts. If you think the way Affinity apps are described is inaccurate or missing the point, hit me up and I'll make it better. If there's a tutorial you're desperate for, let me know and I'll raise it with the documentation team. FYI the soppy little cat in my avatar is Rorschach.
  21. Hi Sean, with the Fill tool selected the Context toolbar has a Type drop-down that includes a Bitmap option, but for non-tiled bitmaps and textures it's probably more flexible to clip bitmaps within vector shapes. Paint the texture/place bitmap on a raster layer then clip it within a vector shape by dragging and dropping the raster layer onto the vector object in the Layers palette. That gives you easy control over the look of the bitmap/texture independently of the vector. HTH, Dale.
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