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  1. option-drag to copy has been an Apple UI standard since 1984. Adobe's applications do a lot of clever and subtle things with keyboard chording which — if you want to claim superiority — you would do well to imitate or improve upon. They have a huge effect on productivity. command-d is common across most Mac applications (and many Windows applications too — Photoshop doesn't really do duplicate so it's not really comparable — it has selection-to-layer commands which are another thing entirely). Also I note you don't support holding down option during a scaling operation turning it into scale-from-center.
  2. I can't option-drag to duplicate. Also Command-J is a weird/non-standard duplicate command. Option-clicking a vertex when in poly-edit mode (or whatever it is) should select all vertices of a given shape. (Similarly shift-clicking to add a vertex, command-clicking to toggle it, and so forth). More snapping needed. (I just tested out the same sequence in iDraw and encountered similar frustrations.)
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