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  1. ok - did that whole thing again — exported my assets, closed AD, same procedure to rename user.. reopen and work.... already happening again, then importet my assets, all seemed ok for a little while... and again. so my routine is that on frozen hand/move tool, I save and close file - reopen to get back to work. very frustrating at the moment...
  2. Thanks, Gabe — tried that - and it seems ok so far. Only trouble is I've lost assets I'd created and which I'm using for a current project. As I don't know how to get just those back, had to put my old user setting back. Will do export etc and then get new user settings generated again. Will keep you posted on how I get on.
  3. just another update — tools still ge stuck as described above but the black block display is now a common occurence.... This seems to happen a lot when switching between tabs, or switching window modes....
  4. Thanks for adding to this, StevenR. I'm here just to report back — 2 days later and the issue is getting worse. The tool freeze/hang now happens more frequently, still without rhyme or reason. By now, I am no longer trying to 'escape' the error and get my tool active, I simply close/save file and open it again. Very tedious but seems the quickest way around... I tend to have quite large files, and was worried it was file size/weight that needed too much CPU or something - but the files I am working on vary between 5-35MB at the moment, with a maximum of 8 artboards so far. Don't think the size is an issue...
  5. Hi, seeing some weird oddities at the moment — MacOS 10.14.5 // iMac // AD 1.7.1 Working on some graphics across 3-5 artboards — sporadically, the tools switching stops working. I have not figured out any pattern as in when this happens, what could be triggering it or anything that causes it. When it happens, I am stuck with the move/hand tool and nothing works to switch tools: keyboard shortcuts show on toolbar that icon is switched, yet cursor+function remains on move tool. Clicking tools on toolbar with cursor results in the very same. Tried hitting ESC, tried swithcing 'edit all layers' on and off, tried switching artboards / layers / personas ... sometimes random clicking/switching works to get tools to switch again, other times it does not. Closing file and opening it back up again is mostly the only reliable way to get back to work again. Been working on various files, single or multiple artboards - same behaviour. Currently, it's bearable as I can close/open my file - but it's slow going when it happens a lot. Have done all sorts of clearing of cache etc as well... nothing seems to be a premanent fix so thought I'd better report this. an additional error keeps happening when switching between 2-3 open files: black colour blocks, see screenshot attached
  6. brilliant news - it's one of the aspects which keeps me going back to AI……… would much rather stick with AD :) but that + the use of the pasteboard… are the main bits…
  7. hi, just adding my problem here as it seems to fit the topic… upgraded both mac os and AD… and having the oddest issues… mainly to do with the UI. I get weird overlaps of panels, top panel overlapping first 2 tools, this happens when I switch to export, then back… nothing seems to affect it, switching persona/layers/files - restarting app… all the same… reboot of mac worked ok. the very top of the app window and its colour are slowly getting worse. Initially, the tone was fairly dark, worked ok - the it brightened up, weirdly … only the very top section… the rest of the window remained the same… I can't control the gamma… Quick screencast: http://screencast.com/t/8TUAug2AqXo2 anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?
  8. Hello everyone, thought I'd show you a new site we just launched - featuring 4 section icons using the lovely brushes in AD :) still getting used to the exporting (in terms of slices etc), to be honest - but loving AD and the super quick exports :) Questions & Answers for sites powered by WordPress
  9. Just one more vote for the transforms :) and also agreed, the gradient tool is amazing!
  10. Thanks, MattP :) Not sure which '&' was breaking the SVG? Inside my text? Glad you know what caused it :) and thanks for the work-around suggestion - will keep that mind.
  11. Time was running out on me in the end and I had to revert back to AI for this one, just to get it done on time… here's what I was trying to achieve with the illustration ~ you can see the texture fills which are the ones giving me trouble in AD at this point. the full page: [for reference, the final piece as PDF]
  12. the AD file I'm not doing anything fancy at all… as I could not figure out how to merge the shapes while keeping their integrity, I've merely grouped them. hope this will tell you something…
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