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  1. One more: https://convertio.co/jp2-jpg/ worked about 15 minutes to convert to jpg and came up with the attached.
  2. Main jpylyzer results: statusInfo: True isValid format="jp2": True However, products.groupdocs.app/viewer/jp2 can't open the file, "Server failed to process the request".
  3. Even though she said "remove", I suspect she wants the objects replaced with pixels that match the rest of the background. That's harder.
  4. @Wanderer3 That means your brush size is tiny. Change the value for "Width" in the top bar or just hold down Ctrl + Alt while holding down the left mouse button and dragging to the right.
  5. I assume the AD power duplicate function is the same as the one in Photo, and I'm convinced that one is broken:
  6. For the new user: "Select the Background layer" means just click the Background layer so it turns blue. That indicates the active layer.
  7. The Nvidia site shows the latest driver for the 1050 Ti as 511.65: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/186770/en-us
  8. It may not make any difference, but (as per GeForce Experience) the latest Studio driver is 511.09.
  9. If you use Ctrl + I to invert the selection AP inverts the colors of the selected pixels. I think you want Select -> Invert Pixel Selection (Ctrl + Shift + I).
  10. The issue with OpenCl acceleration isn't your version of Windows, it's the Radeon 5500.
  11. It is possible to perform color/tint adjustments in the Pro-100 driver. If Black and White is turned off, then on the "Main" tab of the driver dialog you select "Manual" for Color/Intensity then "Set" you get a panel where you can adjust CMY values for the print as well as Brightness, Intensity and Contrast. If you turn on Black and White that panel becomes different, oriented towards monochrome printing.
  12. @Ninjas I'm not sure why you're sent there. For Photo, mine goes to store.serif.com/en-us/update/windows/photo/1/.
  13. @SherryB , I had a similar issue printing to my Canon Pro which I solved by adding the following to the workflow: Use Document -> Resize Document to set the final document (image) dimensions, e.g., 4" x 5" Use Document -> Resize Canvas to set the final overall image + border size, e.g., 8" x 10". Use the center positioning point for the operation. My results with the Canon were the same for either option "Scale" or "Shrink to Printable" in the Print dialog, your Epson may be different.
  14. @Vit89 I have an XPS 8940, 16 GB, GTX1660Ti (but with Win 10) and I have never had any problem with OpenCL activated. Use the GeForce Experience app on your system to update to the latest Nvidia Studio Drivers (currently 511.09) and see if that helps. Choose Custom Installation and check the box for clean.
  15. I have difficulty with this on Windows as well. Quick, which button is pressed?
  16. Or go into Windows Services and disable Nahimic.
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