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  1. See post #3 here. Any others having problems with 1.9.2 and Windows10?
  2. Hey guys, or gals, I am a pretty basic AP user at this time, with Windows 10. Reading this thread I think I will just forgo the 1.9.2 update, and maybe wait for next one (1.9.3?). Does that seem reasonable? I don't like hearing about crashes or losing data. Also I was going to open a new thread asking the question: Is it best to delete the older versions (in my case, Affin. Photo) of Affinity before or after uploading any newer version? Or should a person just keep downloading any new version without any worry about deleting older ones? @walt.farrell mentioned above that you
  3. OK so it looks like you guys found the problem, the default Affinity brushes are too hard? So who is going to report this to Serif? One of you guys posts this in the Affinity Photo Bug forum? Anyway, thanks for the info and solution!
  4. That's pretty huge! Is that the answer then? Thanks for posting this RNKLN !
  5. Ah yes, that did it! Thank you!! Affinity Photo crashed before I could test it. Re-opening after it closed, fixes the cant also. But what I did was probably hit the R arrow, that canted it. The L arrow then un-cants the brush. All the little surprises! Thanks again markbowen!!
  6. ...using the brackets to enlarge or shrink the pixel size. Then and now for some reason or button that I hit, the pixel tool is slightly canted or tilted to the left about 10 degrees. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it back to "square". Help please??? I'm sure I could factory re-set or maybe exit from affinity Photo then re-enter, but any simpler way?
  7. I had finally customized my Tools Panel the other day, and just now Affinity Photo closed on me (locked up on me y esterday and eventually closed also; I hope this is not a pattern?). When I opened it again, my customized Tools Panel was gone! Back to factory setting. What did I do wrong? Did I fail to hit 'apply' button or something? Or just a glitch today?
  8. Whenever I close Affin. Photo, then open it again, there is a small window/ banner that always opens, saying something like 'new version available'. Well I just downloaded the 1.9 version update about 2 months ago. Is there already another update? like a 1.91 or something? If not, this banner that always opens is irritating.
  9. Welcome Vijay! In addition to the other two responses so far, it is likely that in the tutorials you are watching, the teacher will have his/her user interface customized to their work preferences, versus the factory preset. For example, fairly early on, you might need to customize the Left-sided Tools Panel (add more columns) just in order to see/use the bottom 3 icons there. Affinity Photo Help: Customizing the Tools panel Many other customizations can be made, and often are.
  10. LOL, I'll have to look that up! [Edit: @Alfred, Ha, got it!! ]
  11. From my limited experience here, I would agree. Atleast we have a 'work-around'. Your tip a few posts above is very helpful!! Btw, how was the weather in Scotland today at 1530? Here in central USA, Missouri, at 3:30pm right now, it is sunny and 52 Degrees F., beautiful day. Oh and last night those 13 rock formations, the Calanais Standing Stones, came up on my computer. Looked them up. Very interesting!! Then I looked up the difference between Britain, Great Britain, UK, History of Ireland. Many Americans would get confused on this I'm sure. A lot there, and also very interestin
  12. @Alfred, Nope, wouldn't let me. I hit the 'quote' tab, then wanted to delete the two movies here, and just leave the text. Wouldn't let me do it. Not sure why? Thanks for looking into this Alfred!
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