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  1. Thanks. That all sounded good and it worked the first time or two I practiced with your above suggested way. Then I tried to do it again a couple more times to get the sequence down, and it wouldn't work, stayed blurry. Oh well. It was about as many extra steps as my work-around in one of my posts above (I wish these posts were numbered). I tried my way again and that does work. And you're right, it is some type of rendering issue, but thankfully does export correctly. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Lem3. Well I figure since they are simple pics/images, I do it all on the Photo Persona for starters. I haven't learned too much about the other personas yet. I open the image in afphoto. From there I usually save it in either JEPG or PNG (depending), and then if I want it save to afpho, "Save As" to afphoto. Does that answer your question?
  3. OK, thanks. My OS is Windows10. I'm using a 6/y/o HP laptop. I've got the latest AF download I think. I will try to talk you thru what I'm doing. Let's say I want to save this JEPG image to afphoto, 1st pic. In AF Photo I select File, Save As, then name the file how I want. AF then saves it in "Affinity Files". If I then close out (because that's usually what I want to do) and re-open the file on Affinity Photo, it visually appears blurred. I silently cuss. I think my image has been saved at only about 60% quality. I now know it is saved at full quality but only appears blurred. For me to feel better about the image, or to continue working on the 'rough' form, here's what I found I have to do now. Take that visually blurred afphoto file image, hit File, Export (full-best quality), don't change the name any (it doesn't allow you), hit Save. It then saves a second file, exact same name as the Affinity Files one, only now saved under JPEG. You can then open this second "JEPG" file on AF Photo and it looks just fine, clear and ready to be worked on further or saved somewhere else. Does that make sense? I wish it would just open the Affinity File stored image, have it look perfect like it often does, and it to allow me to continue working. Instead I have this extra step, so it works but meh/a bit scary. It is very troubling when you initially open an occassional afphoto file and look at, and say to yourself, "Why is it all blurry? I didn't leave it that way". Hope that helps. Thank you for trying to help me.
  4. What appears to be happening is that when I save an image from JEPG, that (maybe) doesn't have any "editing" I can indeed save it in afphoto ("save as" name it, etc.), and it appears blurry when I re-open. So this is frustrating. It appears like it has messed up your image. But if I then take that "blurred" image from afphoto and save it as an "export" to a JEPG (set at full quality), it is magically 'restored' and looks fine. Interesting. It requires me to keep the same name but now opens it as a JPEG. At this point the image seems good to go and I can continue working on it, save it elsewhere, etc. So you are saying this is a known problem? Is it even a problem? If you are aware of it? It seems like the image is saved, maybe just compressed or something? I guess Affinity knows what it's doing. It just seems weird when you open a saved image in afphoto and it appears very blurry. You freak out.
  5. Sometimes saving a document/pic/photo to Affintiy Photo works fine, often it doesn't and the quality is not good, very blurry. I must be doing something simple that is wrong, I hope. Help/suggestions please?? I want to save some really important ones to Affinity Photo as it is secure in the cloud, before I have time to back up my others.
  6. Double, triple tapping, (everything except hammer and duck tape), still nothing. I guess it is a glitch/bug with some touchpads, mine being one of them. Thx for your help!
  7. Thank you so much for your response Dan C! I am happy now to know that you guys and the developers are aware of the problem and that it may still be one (in my case). Yes I would like it to work but the "H" shortcut works pretty well and is a good interim fix for me. My device is an HP (Hewlett Packard Envy 13", maybe 4 years old, btw if that helps). Thanks again for letting me know.
  8. OB, still hoping you can help me out, but if not that's OK too. Don't worry too much about it. I checked my touchpad/trackpad "settings/devices/touchpad" and changed the setting to 'most sensitive'. Didn't help at all but it was a good try I thought. I got a work-around that I think works just as well, maybe. Let's say I've got the paint brush or inpainting brush tool (doesn't matter, anything other than the view tool). I Just click the shortcut "H" for view tool, make my movement where I want to go, then hit "H" again. When you hit "H again it takes you back to your last tool position, in this example the paint or inpainting brush. All pretty simple. And the "H" key is very easy to hit. I like learning about shortcuts.
  9. Trackpad, that's what it's called! So it still doesn't work on mine. I press and hold the space bar, then press in center (all over) of the track pad and glide, and still nothing moves! Ghrr. Tried one finger, two finger, three finger glides, nothing. Happy that yours works. Must be something simple that I'm not doing or isn't set up right.
  10. I have hope that you can find the article of post about this possible problem. How could I help you search that? What would be a good search word/phrase? And no, I do not currently have a mouse that I can plug in to try and troubleshoot. Don't know a friend who might have one. Retired now so going to work (have them there) is not an option. Might have to go to a computer store. In meantime, I'll wait for your advice. Thx.
  11. Wow. OK. I tried it again, still doesn't work. The only way I can get the cursor to move on the image, or the image to move, is if I manually click on the 'view tool' in the tools panel. Or I can scroll around on the Navigator pic of course. I checked Windows shortcuts, nothing there to help. Perhaps there is something wrong with my laptop (HP) scroll-pad or whatever that built in mouse pad is called? But I've never noticed a problem in any other way, with it. My scroll pad on my laptop seems to work and function as it should.
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