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  1. Woah - chill! I suggest you not hang around the feature request forum then These software forums are not very useful unless the Devs are active (which takes effort/time), so they just tend to degrade into a bunch of people shouting into the void. Hopefully the high traffic to this thread highlights this feature as something to include in a future upgrade/version. Don't get me wrong, I think Serif are doing an incredible job - I use Photo almost every day - but if they want to take increased *long term* market share away from Adobe in general, then listening to feedback from users and understanding use cases (especially gaps or missing tools that prevent someone from doing a job) is pretty important. The description of the feature request in the original post was mostly fine - probably just needed all of us who agreed to add a "+1" reply - it would have saved a whole lot of wasted bandwidth.
  2. Does Serif like money? Do they want market share? I would have thought a good way of going about this is to take the top X requested features and implement those if at all possible (or give a good reason why they cannot). So they got a one time payment from me (great), but it's difficult for me to use 1.x or upgrade/purchase 2.x without this feature. Reading through this thread, I'm sure a lot of other people are in the same boat, but perhaps not. I think a lot of the frustration comes from the fact that as users, we instinctively know we can click on an object to select it. We can ctrl-click, or shift-click to select multiple objects. We see that objects must have a list of parameters (color, line weight, layer etc.) so surely making a dialogue box that interrogates those attributes and selects based on some parameter must be easy right? From what I see, this is one of the most requested features - so either it is impossible (or very difficult) to implement, not a priority (top requested feature..?!?) or it's being saved for 2.x to tempt people to upgrade when the time comes. This forum is for giving feedback - my feedback is that without this feature, Designer just doesn't work for a lot of what *I* do and isn't a completely viable alternative to Illustrator at this time. If I'm the niche - so be it, sucks to be me. If Serif are ignoring a huge potential customer base by adding a feature that will grow market share, that's a shame. If it's really hard to implement because of <reasons> then why not just say it? We are not moaning for the sake of moaning - most people (including me!) *really* want an alternative to Adobe right now and actually want Serif to succeed by making this piece of software better. What is the point of this forum otherwise?
  3. It's simple features like this that would help make Designer a true alternative to Illustrator. Selection tools are so basic, and universal, no matter how simple or complex the file is, I am baffled why this wasn't in the day 1 release, or at least in one of the many updates over the years considering the interest in this thread. My use cases vary anywhere from simple illustrations to manipulating GIS/CAD data. Limited selection tools make these jobs anywhere between inconvenient and impossible. Still use it, still love it, but Designer could be so much better.
  4. +1 and then some. Joined the forum just to post this. I downloaded the trial version of Designer and within a short space of time I knew it was a good enough product to buy (especially on sale). During the trial I just created my own documents and played around with the different tools. I was impressed. After installing the purchased version, the very first document I opened up was an existing document I had been working on in Ai, a map from a GIS program. Went to try and "select by lineweight" and realised I couldn't. Nor by color, or or any other attribute. Ain't no way I can click-select thousands of objects by hand! I am not a programmer, and have been blown away by what your team has done at this price point, but this feature just seems like a very simple sort and select algorithm to implement even in a rudimentary form? I agree that basic functionality like this is an absolute must for any production or even casual environment and am surprised and dismayed to find it absent even after years of asking.
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