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  1. I'm getting lag too but with raster brushes. i just received a new pen tablet to replace my old wacom graphire 4. I have at least a 0.5 second delay when drawing a line on the tablet using the brush tool in pixel personna. I don't remember to have experienced the same problem with my old wacom. So I don't know if it's related to the software or the tablet drivers.
  2. Samuel Bourdon

    Kraken - the oh so fluorescent one

    Good work, love the colors !
  3. Samuel Bourdon

    Testing Affinity Designer with a complete scene.

    Thank you ! @meb You're right, i removed the blue on the cloud.. Much bettter
  4. Samuel Bourdon

    Wormstache with his file :)

    Just want to share a .afdesign file with our growing community :) It's a wormstache, a worm with a moustache :) wormstache.afdesign
  5. Samuel Bourdon

    Move Layer

    Same here. Sometimes it's a bit confusing.
  6. I continue testing Affinity Designer. It's an illustration for the "about" page on my website. It shows some of my hobbies and important people in my life : my girlfriend, my dog, computers, sailing, cycling, travels, retrogaming... and obviously octopuses ;) i'm waiting hard the next release and new features. I'm in love with pixel layers, it's a real time saver ! And I really like having one and unique file with my vectors and my pixels ! Higher resolution here
  7. Samuel Bourdon

    Redo my avatar

    I'm working hard on my upcoming website where there are some illustrations across pages. The biggest time lost is the constant switch between Illustrator and Photoshop to add subtle texture and shading. Discovering Affinity Designer few days ago, I decided to give it a try by redoing my avatar and see if it's suitable to use it for the next illustrations I have to do. Here is the result. I'm really happy with it ! Some functions are missing, there are some random bugs but it seems I should be quicker using Affinity Designer than the combo Illustrator/Photoshop and have the same result at the end. Thanks guys for this pretty good piece of software

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