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  1. m4nticore

    AD 1.6.1 Artboard stroke bug?

    Hi, the manual says that "If a colour is applied to the artboard's stroke, it will appear over any objects placed on the artboard—therefore acting as an overlay." But that doesn't work (or seems so). artboard-stroke-bug.mov
  2. When using a grid different from the standard one (ie. isometric) the snapping is offsetted from the real snapping point. grid-bug.mp4
  3. m4nticore

    Snap to curve handle

    Are you sure? I can't snap to/from curve handles... I'm doing something wrong?
  4. Hi, is there a way to start drawing a line with the pen tool from a curve anchor's handle? In Illustrator I select an anchor point to show its handles, pick the line tool and then start drawing at that handle (snapping). In my day to day logo design work, this is one of the most used feature (the other being "tangent circle" from astute graphic plugin). Thanks, Federico.
  5. Hi, With a shape selected, if I click the transparency tool and select its type from the context bar, the 2 points of the transparency gradient will be 100% opaque. Here the screen recording https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1707710/transparency-tool.mov
  6. m4nticore

    New Logo Please!

    I've done these to match the other icons I've on my Yosemite's dock :P
  7. m4nticore

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.0.19755)

    If it helps to make things feel smoother I think it is worth trying (maybe with an option to toggle between the two modes "live brush preview/outline preview"). I've noted another strange behaviour regarding this same issue. If I change the brush to a textured one, and then back to a basic one, the vector brush tool is very fluid. If I then change tool, reselect the brush tool, it begins to slow down again. Here the capture https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1707710/brush-strange-behaviour.mov
  8. m4nticore

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.0.19755)

    With this beta the vector brush seems more fluid than before (not yet as fluid as Illustrator). The problem is if I open the "More" brush contextual option, the vector brush tools begins to slow down again. Here there's a screen capture of the problem https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1707710/vector-brush.mov
  9. m4nticore

    Stroke panel

    The renamed stroke panel is still named "Line" in the contextual toolbar.
  10. In the beta the vector brush tool and the pencil tool are slower than the previous stable version. I'm using a Wacom pen tablet CTL-480 on a Macbook Air Mid 2011, running OSX 10.9.5. (In the attached video, Affinity Beta is at the beginning, the stable version at the end) vector-brush.mov
  11. It could be "Cmd+Shift+O" like "Create outlines" in Illustrator
  12. When I change the color of a Line, the history entry says "Set fill"; the same if I change the color of the Fill. Isn't more appropriate an entry like "Set fill color" and "Set line color"?
  13. m4nticore

    Boolean add change my curves

    When I boolean add two mirrored shapes, the resulting shape is slightly modified if I'm working on a small scale. I've attached the drawing I was working on. Zoom in at about 1250%. In the Head layer there are 2 mirrored curves, Beard sx and Beard dx that I want to combine. When I boolean add the curves, the right one is slightly modified. If I work on a larger scale, nothing seems to be modified. Is this working as intended? boolean_add.afdesign
  14. This happen to me too, and yes only when I'm in outline mode. I've a Macbook Air mid 2011 with Intel HD Graphics 3000, OS X 10.9.5.