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  1. Heres a solution I use and works fine in both designer and photo http://www.arabic-keyboard.org/photoshop-arabic/
  2. How there looking at the moment. All it is the same object overlapped with one with a black fill and the stroke increased. Not really the effect i'm trying to achieve but close.
  3. Hi Is there anyway to change the style of the stroke? I'm trying to make speech bubbles for a graphic novel project. In illustrator it was possible to change the style of strokes. Image below is what i'm trying to replicate. Or if there is a possibly easy way of going about this that would be of great help.
  4. Well I wish I had known this sooner lol.
  5. Yes I hadn't realized that my mac store was still in euros from moving over to Edinburgh.
  6. God im an idiot. I've only moved here in the last month and was lying in bed when I saw it. Still adjustign to the whole euro pound thing. Bit embarrassing.... I have changed my account location and card details anyway. Time to buy!
  7. I hve an america mac so this could be the issue. Can you explain how to switch over to the UK store? From googling I can only find ways through the iphone.
  8. Thunderchild Well it seems I can't uplaod anything hhmm. http://postimg.org/image/isq63plrr/
  9. Don't know if Affinity has one but it would be great if it was a planned feature in the timeline.
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