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  1. got me a bit curious about ir processing. while i don't shoot ir, i got image from here to play with. adjustment in use: channel mixer, hsl, curve, silver efex (nik). @richard gold yes channel mixer functionality quite the same as in ps but needs fine tuning.
  2. in affinity photo? just select the preset first then click delete preset and its gone.
  3. i'm using canon's dpp 4 and the older version dpp. not long ago tried darktable, not quite like it.
  4. you can drag the adjustment layer into the pixel layer. this works like ps' alt+click. click the triangle to see/hide adjustment layer(s). look for liquify persona button for that function.
  5. go to layers tab, make sure a pixel layer is highlighted, then click tone mapping button.
  6. i'm using huion 680tf, no problem so far with affinity photo.
  7. i did that in affinity photo, the daub watercolor brush. i haven't tried medibang but i use krita.
  8. @Alfred thank you so much, it's much easy for me to scale using %. as for white balance my ap already in kelvin, so i don't need to change.
  9. @roger c. yes. put something like "home forum of affinity softwares" or something like that. just a suggestion.
  10. @toltec on your screenshot white balance temperature value in % instead k, are there any way to change these value? i mean i like my wb temp in kelvin but i want to be able change transform value from px to %.
  11. maybe you guys should put some description on forum header. i need practice some more.
  12. copy the main layer, invert and select that layer. go to channel tab, right click select create spare channel. right click the spare channel and select load to pixel selection. create new layer, select that layer and fill w/ your color of choice w/ flood fill tool. deselect, hide the main layer & delete invert layer.
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