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  1. sorry new tot his stuff, auto-correct I tell you the amount of times thats happened lol
  2. Hi mate its turned out to be snapping and dramatic guides thanks anyway didn't know the align tools @firstdefence
  3. right sorry for the miss communication.... when i moved the text around on the page before it moved but stopped when it reached the middle a green line went horizontal and a red line went vertical to tell me the text is in the middle of the page Now its (the text) is freely moving around the page and when it gets to the middle no lines appear????
  4. basically, before i could move the text around the page and a line would tell me if the text i inserted was in the middle of the page, and it has just seemed to to turn off how do I turn this back on @firstdefence
  5. How do i know if the text is in the middle... the thing that helped me just turned off.. what is the command
  6. This legit worked thank you A bit of a blurry picture but still looks cool thank u again
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