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  1. Same for Publisher! Just found that out thnx to this topic!
  2. Same behaviour in MacOS 10.14 (also bĂȘta ) Succes! (happy day today!!)
  3. Affinity on Twitter: *IMPORTANT* We ask you NOT to install Affinity Designer update 1.5.2 in Mac App Store, as it may delete presets. An update is on the way. Aiai .. I rearranged my studio settings already. Mixed feelings for now. grtz, Jos
  4. Hi Callum, Well .. An object is selected on the artboard. In the swatches panel I want a palette just for the color set in this document. So: swatches panel > (dropdown menu) "Add document Palette" A new one is made called "Unnamed" -- *) Again the dropdown: "Rename Palette" > popup for typing the new name > click OK Bammm. Uhh?? .. NO! It just works correct now. Confess: I updated AD just this morning to 1.5.2 It used to crash in 1.5.1 (honest!! ;-) *) why not the showing the naming popup at the adding of the palette? >> request. Happily continuing my logo designing in AD 1.5.2 with a lot of color palettes ;-) grtz, jos
  5. HI, Rename document pallette via the dropdown menu studio>swatches makes AD crash. Typing a new name, hit 'OK' -. poof, AD vanish. Happens each time I reproduce this action. AD 1.5.1, MacMini i7, macOS Sierra (10.12.1). Hope it can be resolved. grtz, Jos
  6. Excited about AD 1.5!! Working happily in AD 1.5.1 B) Taking notes on color (rgb) and positioned my cursor over the swatches. The appearing tooltip doesn't show the right RGBcolornumbers. I think it repeats the R-colour on G and B. screen-shot attached regards, Jos