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  1. A feature to align individual nodes would be really helpful, Inkscape has supported this for a number of years. See "3. Align Those Nodes!" at this site for an example of how it should work: https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/helpful-align-and-distribute-tips-when-using-inkscape--vector-21032
  2. I've tried resetting everything with the CTRL key option. No effect. Still crashes with the same code.
  3. I'm also getting this error code, but in a different scenario. This didn't happen immediately after installing, it worked OK for a few days.. but now when I open the app fresh I get that error on startup. However, if I open a document with the app via Right Click > Open Width > Affinity Designer, it will open and work fine. To fix I've had to un-install the app completely and then install it again. Running the Repair process form the uninstall dialogue did not fix it. But it will happen again soon after.
  4. Is there a way to show the objects that fall outside of the Art board or document boundaries instead of hiding them? for instance Inkscape will show the document boundry but show everything around it.
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