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  1. Hi, Even in the latest version of Affinity Designer when I work in the export mode it seems impossible to copy a slice. Say I want 1000w, 2000w, 3000w, 4000w and 5000w I still have to use the Path components panel to rename every single slice. Path components doesn't seem to be remembered so I have to do this for every slice (a lot of work!). Is there any way to quickly copy the slices and only change the sizes? Thanks, David
  2. Hi, I have purchased a icon set and try to select one icon in AD (made out of multiple parts) from a page with multiple icons with the mouse, but unfortunately it moves the whole page. What is the best way to do this with the mouse? Regards & Thanks, David
  3. They could have taken the lead by adding webp to the export panels like Bohemian Sketch did (early adoption like I purchased all 3 Affinity apps in a early stage, because I believed it was something to invest in for now and the future)! Taken the lead also means believing that it's the future and advocating the use of webp with tutorials etc. If you don't take the lead and any risk or don't have a vision of the future of web design you miss out on early adoption of innovative implementations. Before Affinity I used only Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch until I was reading about Affinity. Adding webp to a web export panel will not bother anyone else who is not interested in webp and they can carry on like they did before. For webp I moved back to the export panel of Sketch for half of my work. Nobody has said that the adoption rate is high, and it will definitely help when all photo editors support the extension. (the chicken and egg story!) Webp will be soon implemented in all major browsers. Is implemented in some photo editing apps and all image delivering cloud services work with webp. Idea for the Affinity Photo website:
  4. Wonder if you have really read my post! SAFARI HAS IMPLEMENTED WEBP IN THEIR LATEST SAFARI BROWSER AND THAT IMPLICATES THAT ALL BROWSERS CAN READ WEBP! That's great news and the reason I started this topic. You don't have to tell me what to do on this forum! Are you the forum police? Start your own topic and skip this one! So it has nothing to do with a point made because the implementation of webp in Safari is new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Wonder why you respond in Dutch on a English forum? And when your not interested and want attention for an other topic I advice you to start your own topic! Just don't read this topic!
  6. Because webp is implemented in all browsers now? Including Safari! Why do you think it is implemented in all browsers? Because they all want to promote this file extension to make the web faster! If you don't want to use it fine! Start your own cad 3d topic and leave this one!
  7. Hi, Mac Rumors Safari Implementation of webp Now with the implementation of webp in all browsers, including Safari, it is extremely painful to see that last week an Affinity staff member jumped on the bandwagon to defend that almost nobody uses webp and we have to figure it out ourselves.I expected when I bought the Affinity Suite that Affinity was a modern progressive application bundle and would promote the use of webp by implementing it in the export panels and making tutorials on the subject. Webp is an excellent replacement for both transparent PNGs and JPGs. Yes, the use of webp still needs to grow I agree, but with this conservative mentality it obviously doesn't help to achieve this. Hope to see some more positive response from Affinity Staff and quick implementation of webp. Regards, David
  8. It was a reply to your post! I showed you my work flow to explain my point. So if I make my point and you don't have a answer you come with this? The request is made for many years by many people. This is a discussion about why it is not implemented yet.
  9. Hi @R C-R Affinity can export a total header with all orientations for a website. I made export presets that can spit out a complete header in just 10 seconds. It would be really handy when the webp conversion could take place in the same preset. Unfortunately I have to use XnConvert to do the webp convertion. Hope you understand my point!
  10. Hi @NoSi, Yes of course they can and you don't need the fancy JavaScript like I use or imagekit/cloudinary. Just the plain HTML you see here is one image of a Bootstrap image slider or you could use this code for an image header on any device including portrait mode on a mobile phone: <picture> <source media="(min-width: 36em)" srcset="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-webp/header-info-1000px.webp 1000w,assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-webp/header-info-2000px.webp 2000w" type="image/webp"> <source media="(max-width: 36em)" srcset="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-webp/header-info-phone-800px.webp 800w, assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-webp/header-info-phone-1250px.webp 1250w" type="image/webp"> <source media="(min-width: 36em)" srcset="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-1000px.jpg 1000w, assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-2000px.jpg 2000w" type="image/jpeg"> <source media="(max-width: 36em)" srcset="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-phone-800px.jpg 800w, assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-phone-1250px.jpg 1250w" type="image/jpeg"> <img src="assets/Responsive-Images/nieuws/header-news/header-info-jpg/header-info-2000px.jpg" class="img-fluid"/> </picture> The jpg's are created in a custom Affinity Photo export preset and unfortunately the webp's are converted in XnConvert! If more applications would support webp it will get more populair.
  11. Hi @Oval, Yes you have a point! It was more ment to show the image system working with webp and jpg fallback. The link was an old Bootstrap 3 example from 4 years ago, this new link provides the latest version of our full screen image system with the images coming from https://www.imagekit.io . You can do the same test if you want. The optimization is done automatically on the imagekit server and jpg is set on 80% optimization. Notice that the webp's are first recognized as jpg's, but correctly named webp in network of the def tools. THE NEW LINK TO TEST WEBp VS JPG Regards, David
  12. Nobody said that webp solves all SEO problems, only that it's an important part of SEO nowadays! https://growthhackers.com/articles/why-is-google-s-new-image-format-webp-so-critical-to-seo https://inboundjunction.com/why-webp-is-critical-to-seo#:~:text=Google Knows SEO&text=WebP is no exception.,providing the same quality experience. https://insanelab.com/blog/web-development/webp-web-design-vs-jpeg-gif-png/ Yes the people of inbound junction don't know what they are talking about! You know it better! They make money with implementing webp everyday like my self. And a question: Why do you think webp is implemented in all browsers except for Safari? To make nobody using it?
  13. The problem is that you always have something to say, but no real arguments based on facts! Maybe it's time to not lurk around this forum all day and take a nice walk outside! I know what I'm talking about and you proved to me that you don't. If you don't want webp in Affinity fine! Some other people would be delighted when it was implemented in the export panel. I work with webp every day!
  14. Hi @R C-R & @carl123 https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2019/10/speed-up-your-website-webp/ Beter do your homework before making assumptions that are not true. Web design and SEO are an important part of my profession! https://moz.com/learn/seo/page-speed Regards, David
  15. I wonder why you say that..... based on? Hope you have access to a Mac with Safari and or Xcode and a Chrome browser or any other browser that accepts webp. Try this full-screen image system I developed my self with webp and jpg fallback based on: https://github.com/aFarkas/lazysizes. Open the dev tools and notice in Network that you save up to 60% bandwidth compare to the jpg (optimized with jpegMini) that are there for fallback. The issue is not only speed advantage, but also it saves energy in a huge way! And of course it's a SEO boost. https://yourweblab.nl/kit/
  16. I agree! Google measures the page loading speed in general (no matter if the faster page load is caused by the use of webp, minifying code, async loading of the scripts or what ever), so when you use webp with jpg fallback you have a 30 to 40% smaller bandwidth of the particular web page on almost all modern browsers except for Safari. The page speed advantage reflexes in the search results. But like me lot's of people use Chrome or Firefox on their Mac. Nothing unfair or noncompetitive! Everybody is entitled to implement webp for free in their websites and use the source code in apps like the Affinity ones. The problem is that there is no alternative at the moment for webp and works in most browsers. So Google is not dictating, but strongly advising in a smart way😉. https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/docs/api
  17. Yes but this is what you have to deal with on this forum when it comes to Affinity comments about webp. A honest discussion based on facts seems to be impossible.
  18. I'm not the one who was saying this! Moderator and Affinity staff member @Ben was! I quoted him to show you the way they think about it and with what info on the subject they motivate their ideas.
  19. Hi @R C-R Think you didn't read this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/85857-affinity-not-for-webdesign-no-webp-still/
  20. Yes true! I even linked them to the Google developers page with the source code to implement webp, but no luck. Of course we all use some other app to solve this problem, but it's strange that it's still missing in Affinity apps.
  21. Hi @NoSi Because despite the fact that all major browser support webp (except for Safari) and it's widely used in modern webdesign and game design, somehow the Affinity staff and some developers don't see the importance of having webp in the export panel. Have had discussions with a developer from Affinity on this forum and it's like talking to a brick wall. This feature is ask for for years now! David
  22. Yes they are square nodes. Do they only appear when you activate them with the pen tool or can you pull them out with the node tool? (it's my first tutorial with the pen tool, but it's not well explained).
  23. Hi, I'm working with the pen tool to create some shapes that are merged together with "add" later on. Some nodes that I have created don't show the handles. What can be the reason? Regards & Thanks, David
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