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  1. I am going to have a learning curve whether I go from Serif Page Plus to Affinity Publisher or Serif Page Plus to MS Publisher. I am not a large user of DTP but have self-published 2 books using Page Plus. I don't see why Serif made this quantum leap to Affinity. Maybe to satisfy Apple Mac usage who knows. But I am not happy that what ever I do I am now having to learn - get used to new packages. So I will have to make my decision but I don't think it will be Affinity.
  2. I see all the Serif users have posted about the lack of import or compatibiity between Serif Page Plus and Affinity Publisher. I stuck with Serif Page Plus for DTP. As I have Office 365 I have MS Publisher. So I think I will change over to MS Publisher . MS will probably at least have an import or compatibility between files. So OK I have just wasted £23.99. And I will increase my cynacism about Software Companies. You also have no plans to move Movie Plus forward etc. So I think my years with Serif are coming to an end. It is not just the finacial cost but all the learning one has invested.
  3. I realised that most of Serif apps such as Page Plus, Draw Plus, Movie Plus that I use are now legacy products superceeded by Affinity products. So I have just purchased Affinity Publisher. But it doesn't seem to have any compatibility with Page Plus (latest). I thought at least I could import my Page Plus documents? It seems to import Adobe stuff. Does this mean that I can't pull my Page Plus files into Affinity Publisher
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