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  1. i work in Affinity Photo using a trackpad, and very often I unintentionally rotate my artboard with some gesture is there a way to quickly center it back?
  2. ok now i know the rectangle doesnt only need to have a fill, but the fill cant have any opacity applied. case closed;) thanks all
  3. i have the layer which need the selection and a properly rotated rectangle on the layer immediately above it. the rectangle layer is the selected one. when i use selection from layer, nothing happens, and i use selection from layer and delete, only delete works
  4. yes, it is photo what you say sounds like a solution but how do i do that?
  5. Can I rotate the selection without rotating the selected pixels? I need to select a straight edge that is oblique. How do I do that? I attach a picture for better understanding. I want to select the paper OR the whole rest.
  6. Thanks Alan. Actually this option was greyed out and I had to uncheck "Check spelling...", but I consider the question answered;)
  7. When I write text in Affinity Photo, it underlines red the words that are not in the dictionary. How do I turn it off?
  8. yeah, definitely thats what I need, too. please consider making a chromeos/linux version
  9. Thank you for sharing the knowledge, I finally understood the export persona, but the question still is: does making a non-vector image larger on export make any sense in terms of quality?
  10. My question is, well... a little bit philosophical: When I select a slice in export persona and try to add different sizes, then - quite surprisingly - i can't specify the sizes, i can just select them from the list. The list contains a number of options, which I don't understand: like 100w (a 100px width preset??), 64p and stuff, as well as some that I understand: 1x, 2x, 3x. My question is: does it make any sense to export in 2x or 3x? Like, this is not vector graphics, so the photo needs to be automatically resized. So, if understand correctly - it would create bigger files of the
  11. I downloaded a trial version of Affinity Designer. The website says: "90 day trial" but after one day I have 10 days left. Is this a bug or smt? I used Photo trial before and it was ok.
  12. there's no delete on my keyboard if i press backspace it deletes everything inside the selection although it is inverted (deletes indside the original selection) what exactly do you mean by "hit delete on your keyboard"? im on mac
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