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  1. Hi Leo, In my case in one of two ways: Either open the file with only the adjustments, select all adjustment layers, copy, open the new image, paste. Or, open the adjustments file, and just place the new image in there, under the adjustment layers. The first way is better, because you leave the adjustment file intact. If there are other ways, I would be glad to hear them! regards, Frank
  2. Old topic, but lifesaver!! This works with Flexify 2 as well Upto now I kept Photoshop CS6 on my PC just for Flexify, now I can finally dump it! Many thanks! regards, Frank
  3. Hi Carl, Thank you, yes that worked, the file is now only 6kb Could not have guessed that. This was very helpful, thanks! regards, Frank
  4. Hello Affinity, I'm trying a workflow with presets for my images. In Affinity Photo (Photo persona) I edit one image to taste with adjustments, then export it as jpg. Then I want to save the adjustments layers as afphoto file, but with the actual image deleted. So only the (grouped) adjustmentlayers are in the file. But still the filesize of it is the same as with the actual image included, why is that? It should be only a few kilobytes I would think? In my case I'm editing a bunch of 16-bit PNG's, all about 600MB in size. The afphoto file if saved WITH image, about 800MB, is the same as when I delete the actual PNG but save only the adjustments. How can I only save the adjustments? kind regards, Frank
  5. Before I make a new post, does anyone know if there is also a fix for the same problem in the Windows app? Kind regards, Frank
  6. It would be a nice addition to be able to create a masterpage from an existing page. Are there any plans to incorporate this feature? AFAIK it does not exist currently, or am I overlooking something? So if you right-click a page there is an option to 'set as master' or 'add to masterpages'. What do you guys think? regards, Frank
  7. Interesting, thanks, I'm installing as I write this So here I am, finally getting a camera that can do RAW (yah, ok, I know...), the Panasonic Lumix G6, and all of a sudden I find RAW processors around every corner! Obviously Affinity Photo has it, then I find out my trusted image viewer FastStone (excellent viewer and free) can do RAW conversion, a camera shop over here suddenly offers Corel Aftershot 3 Pro for only 25,- and not a day later I find this! With so much I'm almost tempted to do a comparison, perhaps I will! regards, Frank
  8. Did you try to change the language in edit>preferences>general? That seems to have helped most, including me. regards, Frank
  9. I am also wondering about this. There's really only one I would want to work in Affinity and that is Flaming Pear Flexify. Currently my only reason to go back into Photoshop CS6 after I edited my 360 images in Affinity. Would be fantastic to get it working. I can see it, but the output preview is garbled and on clicking apply Affinity crashes. regards, Frank PS: already gave you my undying gratitude in the topic on the update bonus content
  10. Hi all, I was the first in this topic to not see the downloads. 'Glad' to see I was not alone. I've read all 7 pages here and... Just to let you know: to me also CHANGING LANGUAGE WORKS TO GET TO THE DOWNLOADS. And also here 7-zip choked on QuickStart_Guide.pdf but windows zipper didn't. So I'm set now, got everything. So I don't know, but I think maybe I've been missing a lot of news/info on these welcome screens, as they never showed anything before and are now bristling with life. This seems to have been a bug since at least 1.5 when I bought it. But you're already looking into it, so my saying it is rather moot May I say here I think you are on a golden path! Both Photo and Designer are amazing! I'm 'getting' it much faster then I ever did in the Adobe apps. And it's about fricking time somebody seriously challenged the industry moguls at Adobe They really lost me in the subscription model, but even before it was a bit of love/hate: you know you can do many things, but many times tasks take way too much time figuring out. Starting in the Affinity apps I probably have a headstart of all those years in Adobe, but man, what a refreshing experience! I found new joy in designing things. A few days ago the 'Big news' was that Adobe CC 2018 could now edit in 360... As you can imagine, I had a very hard and satisfying laugh when I heard it! Keep beating them at their own game Affinity! Thanks everyone for the tips here that led to the downloads, and MANY thanks to Affinity for creating such marvelous apps! regards, Frank
  11. Hi MEB, First, thanks for the upgrade!! I've just installed both and will play tomorrow. However: I don't see any link to claim anything? Just the standard View Samples/Tutorials and Connect, close and New Document and in Photo a more info link about Designer. regards, Frank
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