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  1. Same here! Is there a way to...yeah get it to work? : ) Ok saw now in AppStore on my Mac I need to update some stuff will try and get back asap
  2. +1 for .indd But WOW this PDF-TRICK is A M A Z E B * L L Z ! Found a UX talente program I wanted to apply for and had a total blackout on what to design ... and now I got an awesome idea and just that I knew that "Oh, I have to go back to Adobe Indesign for updating my portfolio...crap". Tried the PDF import from my current portfolio and...voila! I think it works 95% efficient and I'm so glad Affinity Publisher is out - Adobe stuff is a total PITA, I mean what's up with Indesign?!?! Thanks guys I hype your products to everyone in my network and I'm so glad I found you.
  3. Hey man alright thanks a lot! So normally it would be iPad Air 2 and above for the average iPad photo/designer app out there? Worried that I needed an iPad Pro to be able to use drawing programs such as AP or Graphic for example...we'll see! About my exporting options, if I use the same size on the paper in the iPad app I'm normally using for my AD designs that would be chill but....to be able to edit the design I've done in the iPad it is best if I export it and email it as an .svg file or something ... there, I was curious on what file formats Affinity Designer (the program I use on my computer) would handle from 3rd party apps.
  4. Hi there! A little new to iPad and Affinity, read something that some iPad versions (I think I have a kind of new iPad but maybe 3-4 years old) do not support Affinity Photo/Designer? I was thinking of making my own font but it doesn't always get a good output when I finish it and scan my font and upload it to the font services. That's why I wanted to either: 1) Buy a pen tablet and sketch my text and write directly into Affinity Designer. 2) Draw the text on a paper - make a photo with my iPhone, email it to my mail, open up the jpeg in AD and use the pen tool to re-make the text 3) Try an iPad app that works, draw the text (maybe the format will be better and easier when I open the file in AD) and it's there to be edited (color, size etc). Just need to be sure which file formats Affinity Designer can handle. Option 2 seems a little time consuming tho ... I was looking at Graphic and Vectornator but also gonna research these ones: https://www.howtoisolve.com/best-ipad-pro-drawing-apps/ Anyone else with some experiences or what would be the best option for Affinity Designer? I'm doing 80s synthwave/retrowave art and would like to do some of my own texts. Perhaps I can do my own font easier with this method too?? Best
  5. Thanks for all the tips and recommendations!! Did a little something just for trying stuff out and, pretty satisfied. Getting there at least! Had a little problem with the Stroke and how to add it, sometimes it is "there" next to Fill and Stroke options but a little more difficult when having a Text Then Stroke is ----> to the left in the "color" menu where you switch to brushes etc. Could this be moved to the "main screen" for Stroke adjustments? It would be really nice if the Stroke color (I chose gradient) from white to blue could be changed or edited just like adding a gradient to a text/symbol and you get the marker with the dots that you can mix inside the stroke , although I will try and mix with the 4 different gradient tools if I can get similar results. Here's my result:
  6. Hey MEB! Thanks for reaching out and for your great feedback! About the marking thing, I think I'm just gonna do a stroke and have some gradient color in that for now or just use a single color for the outer + inner glows and change the blend mode (overlay, screen) so it fits. Maybe this is better? Oh, thx!! I mean...I asked about the pixel thing because of the selection tool+fill it with a gradient. I am although not that good to decide where to have my cut selections so maybe it's just easier to go with the above. Thx for the feedback on the lense flare/star thing - I am not 100% confident on how to do it, but I will read your comment a couple of times and see if I can figure it out, kind of new on AD still : ) Oh, so vector tools/designs should be better for 80s artwork? I first thought pixel based texts looks more "noisier" when adding color gradings and what's making them retro, but the 2 videos and another one showed that he's changing the blending mode on the text or on the fx's like inner+outer glow plus something more...and that made the text look "older". Also some guy used some photocopy textures and added them in the design and it looked a little bit "old" and "worn" kind of bleached ... So maybe it's all in the effects?? Wanna obtain these kinds of styles with the "oldness" like Tim Waves, Kenzo Art and Over Glow: https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/fs/68380360155007.5a3e708a019a2.jpg https://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/articles/showcase-rad-retro-designs-80s-style-chrome-text-effects Anything that comes in mind effect-wise in AD I can trix n fix with?
  7. Hey MEB! Thanks a lot. I'm currently in Designer, I posted a question in another similar thread. But I can type it here too, when I try to use that in AD (pixel persona) I chose the polygonal for example, holding shift for straight lines. When I finally have my selection I want to put a color gradient inside that (dark to light) for example but I cannot fix it. I can make the selection, but what options do I have? Trying to switch back to AD start mode/start persona and I'm stuck. I want to do what this guy do: https://youtu.be/7QIhg4Xgttc?t=2m25s (original link to thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/52586-ad-whats-the-name-of-this-tool-and-is-there-one-in-ad/#comment-265827 )
  8. Another question, I tried to use the Freehand Selection tool in AD's pixel persona (like polygon/lasso tool) to select an area because I wanted to add a gradient to that. Did not work. Like the guy in the first link: https://youtu.be/7QIhg4Xgttc?t=2m25s He was doing a selection and then filled the selection with a color gradient. Why doesn't it work in AD? Also I found this video on AP... is there something I need to do in AD after I made the selection to be able to edit it? Here's the AP tutorial on Vimeo:https://vimeo.com/194652359 Best regards
  9. Hey man I totally missed this update!! Thanks a BUNCH! That will indeed help me with the stuff I want to achieve! Thanks a million! regarding photoshop's lasso tool/polygon tool, is there a similar one in AP? @R C-R Best
  10. Thanks a lot guys! Oh alright, I will test it and try doing my best. Maybe there's a tutorial on it too? Oh hmm ok, I'll try find these stuff but have most of it from google searches. But at least I know what to search for. Maybe I'll just do like these guys are doing with some "lights" effect on my texts: https://youtu.be/2dLhyosuGgc?t=8m5s https://youtu.be/CPimR-FpBYg?t=1m42s
  11. Hi! I wanna get better at making 80s texts and was searching for this tool to add some gradient styles to the stroke (if I'm correct) just like this: https://youtu.be/7QIhg4Xgttc?t=2m25s and ps. when I add a lense flare picture, I still get the "background" square and black color from the original picture even though I change the mode of it to screen for example. You can see it if you look closer to the star/lense flare or if you zoom in. All the Photoshop tutorials I've watched do not have this issue ... is it something wrong that I'm doing or is it something in AD? And excuse the guy's accent haha but something like this: https://youtu.be/g4APDg90R-A?t=16m25s or a better one here: https://youtu.be/y8brTm5aslo?t=5m46s Kind regards
  12. SOLVED. Found out that almost all stuff was inside of Photo. I'm a just gonna get it Thx again for great products. Switched back to Photoshop today for some fun, but meh, I'm an Affinity guy now!
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