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  1. I just wanted to add my two cents here and request this extremely valuable feature. Once I've confirmed my selection I ALWAYS hide the marching ants. Work arounds are a good short time solution, but command "h" definitely simplifies the process and speeds up workflow. Thanks
  2. I've been using Photoshop since 92 and one of my most used tools it the lasso tool. I've been using the beta version of Affinity Photo for a few weeks and the most troublesome aspect for me so far is the Freehand Selection tool. The Lasso tool has the option to click a point and move to the next point until the entire selection is complete. You can see your selection being created as you move. With the Freehand Selection tool rather than just seeing the line your creating you have "marching ants" with the start point connected to the end point. For complicated (and simple) selections this is extremely distracting. It really complicates the selection process. Is there an option coming sometime in the future to have this tool work more like the Lasso tool in PS and loose the marching ants until the selection is complete? So far other than this, I'm really liking your program.