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  1. Thanks MEB, Just returned to my workstation to continue working and miraculously the shortcut worked as usual. I didn't even have to try your suggested workaround. Don't know what caused the problem and don't know what fixed it, but I'm happy its working again.
  2. The keyboard shortcut for toggling fill context stopped working. I checked the preferences and it is still mapped to the key X as it should be. Other keyboard shortcuts still work. Toggling the fill context with the mouse still works. Rebooting the system, installing the latest version nor reseting the keyboard shortcuts did not help. I don't know what has changed. I have updated to Mac OS X Catalina lately.
  3. True. In this particular case the image data outside the crop is partly corrupted. Don't know why. In any case, the native sensor size of the camera (Ursa Mini 4.6K) is 4608 x 2592 so there shouldn't be any crop in the first place. Leaves me puzzled, but at least there was a workaround.
  4. Thanks. This clarified the issue for me. As a workaround I will use Davinci Resolve to export the frames with the correct crop. Keep up the good work! Markku
  5. Hi, I'm trying to import this DNG frame to Affinity Photo for processing. The image is 4608x2592 pixels. When using RAW develop the Serif Labs RAW engine renders the file as 4656x2624 pixels. In addition to the obvious the rightmost part of the image is corrupted in the process (possibly to compensate for the wrong image proportions). Switching to Apple Core Image RAW does not help as it gets me completely black image. I'm working on Mac OS High Sierra. Unfortunately I need the software to be pixel perfect in order to move the frames back to my video editing software. Is there a solution to this or am I forced to switch to Adobe CC? Hope not, I have been trying to avoid that for so long... Thanks in advance, Markku A122_02231425_C004_000000.dng
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