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  1. okay thank you....is there a way of checking whether the facebook code is in the image?
  2. Help, the Beta for Mac Desktop has expired and there seems to be no update in the Apple store to my purchase. Is there another Beta available. I have again lost meta information for displaying a 360 in Facebook
  3. I bought Affinity Photo more than a year ago and upgrade recently through the Apple Store. I have discovered that an image created by PTGUI looses its 360 information for Facebook, when I import a PTGUI image in either TiFF or JPEG into the latest version of Affinity Photo. If the image is exported from PTGUI and then uploaded to FB, the information is retained and FB displays a 360 I do not think the older version of Affinity Photo deleted this information and would like to try it unless you have a quick fix for the new version. I used Affinity to edit the nadir.
  4. Is there a workflow for replacing a sky in a 360 aerial panorama taken with a drone. I ran across this tutorial for GIMP but I'd rather do this in Affinity. If it is not in the current version, is it in the Beta? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFlZpHj0pFU thanks
  5. I cannot do that because I have bought blank 5 x 6.5 cards. I have just got off the phone with Apple Support. The level 2 technician told me that Apple does not support my printers and therefore my problem cannot be submitted to engineering! Here is the url of Apple's supported printers. Neither the Canon 9500 nor the Epson P800 is on the list! https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201465 What say you about this and could this be the problem?
  6. Hi: I'm on a Mac and I can't seem to print to an Epson P800 or a Canon 9500 with a paper size of 5 x 6.5 even though it looks okay in the preview. I have the card set up properly in Photoshop with an image in the bottom half of the page. Both printers insist on printing the image in the center of the card, right over the fold and also print the image a lot smaller than the 5" width. What am I doing wrong? I have set up a custom size in the print dialogue and even made it the default size. I have margins of .25 all around the card. In Photoshop, the image seems correctly positioned at the bottom of the page, when viewed in portrait mode
  7. Yes, I have the course and I tried the clone brush tool, but not in the procedure you just outlined. I will try again. thanks
  8. Pardon my ignorance but can I use the Flexifly plug in with AP?
  9. Hi: I am hoping you will do more work flows for 360 aerial panoramas. For instance, what would be a good work flow for actually building a library of sky pictures? How would you do this? I was thinking of simply taking my Phantom 3 Pr and pointing it up into the sky and circling around in one spot, taking 8 pictures, then bring them into Affinity for stitching and then blending them into another aerial pano? Is this a good idea? What about a lesson going over the workflow for this? I am confused about how to do gradients...I can do them in Photoshop. I bought Affinity because it can display a 360 pano the way you would really see it, but my attempts to repair a seam have not been good. This is mainly because the color and consistency of the pixels on either side of a seam is different, so using the clone tool does really work. Do you have an answer to this problem? I can post an example if you want... Sorry if this sound a bit confused! :)
  10. Hi: I have looked at your courses and have just bought Affinity. I did so because someone on an FB group recommended it for fixing the skys in aerial panoramas. So I am looking for tutorials on fixing skies, or at least circumventing the problems caused when you use the "Content Aware" fill in Photoshop. Here is an example of problem I am trying to fix: I'd been interested most in the fixing of a content aware paste, but also techniques for sky replacement.

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