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  1. Of course, but the icon is still selected (!) and new users don’t think like machines but expect more usability and not only portrait formats. Affinity still had not time to create landscape formats (for A0, A1, A2, …)?
  2. We still have the wrong visual presets if we change to landscape orientation … Feels like 1980 / a bug. Would be great if the visual presets (like A0, A1, A2, …) would change if the orientation is changed.
  3. and for 95 $ we can align and distribute objects along shapes, create and use vector brush styles from any group of vector objects, use interactive elastic warp effects, bend and stretch objects along shapes, trace images, … NOW!
  4. Probably there will be no new one. The old one with features like mesh warp, knife and pixel selection to vector was mentioned.
  5. +8 (without w∞ing) … and to write all those announced 1.X features
  6. Apparently you do not understand sarcastic comments and know about others more than about your own courtesy. which is/was faulty in AD since beginning (boole, expand stroke, …) that you still cannot use it professionally (if time is limited)
  7. Is there life on … ? Well, this thread is about Affinity CAD 3D. But these questions are already answered in this forum.
  8. Not really comparable because missed to use optical alignment in ID and XP.
  9. Das dürfte ja den allermeisten Mitgliedern klar sein, aber Alinoyan wollte ja ein Beispiel genannt haben und im ersten genannten Beispiel sind Seitenanzahl und Postings um den Faktor 3 höher, woraus sich überschlagen lässt, dass das Beispiel die von ihm geforderten mehr Anfragen hat. Eine wissenschaftliche Abhandlung hatte das Mitglied ja nicht gefordert.
  10. For example: 12 pages for the free transform feature, 15 for a tracing tool, …
  11. Affinity is not the name of the company that created the Affinity apps …
  12. It is the best feature of the whole suite. Just follow the link above, Jedi.
  13. This is why we wrote 4.5cm/c. No need in Affinity because you just use an expression here.
  14. There are three typographical variables to set the size of your text. Please look here. So type in 4.5cm/c.
  15. Serif has a list online! And if this is not enough they could use https://affinity.help/ or the (90-day) trials.
  16. Hm, you don’t need a finger for the suite? Operation by voice input? Great! Is bought, Serif!
  17. Probably not the only one. One still hopes that announced things are finally realized … Wohl nicht der einzige. Man hofft noch immer, dass Angekündigtes endlich verwirklicht wird …
  18. Because free transform, perspective and warp tools are missing since the launch of AD.
  19. ⛔ “the icon size around the Affinity suite of programs is too small with no way to easily increase them”:
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