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  1. CaroleG

    Make a child layer on ipad

    Thank you so much - just discovered this myself by experimenting and found that it was the middle of the layer you want to make a child under - have now finished my giraffe tut - see below. Thanks again for the prompt response
  2. I am following a tut for desktop affinity designer and making spots on the body of a giraffe. Some of the spots have to overlap the body shape in order to become partial spots. the tut tells me to select a spot and double tap one the layer and then drag below the body layer and slightly right to make a child layer so that the portion of the spot that was outside the body disappears. Whatever I do I cannot make a child layer using this method in ipad. I have looked at the Affinity Designer Tut for layers and a child layer is mentioned and appears but it is a pixel layer he painted on. Can anyone guide me how to do this as i have searched tuts and can find nothing to explain how to do this on ipad. Wish they worked the same. Had a problem last night with arranging patterns around a circle - again a tut for desktop - showing a handle to move which does not appear on ipad. Finally managed it by moving the turn. Anyway any help would be appreciated with my giraffe spots!
  3. CaroleG

    Issues with Assets and Symbols

    Thank you! When I looked at your image again I realised that I had not created a subcategory in Assets. When I did that, magically the menu option save from selection appeared. thank you so much! This now saves my assets and I can use in another document. Thanks again!
  4. CaroleG

    Issues with Assets and Symbols

    Thank you for this suggestion, however I have created a new category in Assets, highlighted one tree to save, pressed on the hamburger menu and I have no option to save selected - see screen shot below.
  5. CaroleG

    Issues with Assets and Symbols

    Thank you. I have now found the save and the app has created a file for me in my icloud. The christmas tree file is .afdesign. I open in affinity and select a tree and save to symbol. My problem is then that I cannot used this saved symbol because when I open a new document it is no longer there. Only there when the trees.afdesign document is open. I presume that I could not import to assets because it is the wrong file type. I am more concerned about saving a symbol and being able to use it again in another document. Maybe if I Save the .afdesign file it will save my symbol ? Thanks for the other explanations which have been really helpful in lessening my confusion - would be grateful if you could answer the query about symbols please. Thank you again.
  6. I recently purchased Affinity Designer and have been following the tutorials. I saved some Christmas trees from the resources file. Not sure if these were for the desktop version. I have ipad 9.7” Retina model. I can open the christmas trees file and then select one and save as a symbol, but I cannot import the file. Also when I close this christmas tree file, and open a blank file to use the symbol for a design, it is no longer there. Also, I immediately on downloading the app set my preference to save to icloud. But although I made a test document and closed it has not saved to cloud neither is there a Designer folder in icloud - which I would have expected. Can assets created in desktop version be used on apps? Are they they same file extension. What’s the point of assets if you can’t use them in new projects? Please enlighten me as this seems such a super design programme and I only just purchased it and am already a little disappointed that it doesn’t behave.

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