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    MrMattSim reacted to Aammppaa in Suggested revisions to the "Lock children" feature   
    Lock Children is a pain at the moment.
    On my modest screen (1920px by 1280px) the toggle is often off the edge, so I have to first click the toolbar extender, and then the toggle itself. All of which takes me away from the canvas and task at hand.
    A keypress would help greatly. Either a modifier key. It couldn't be Alt as thet ignores snapping pretty much everywhere with every tool, so something else… I'd even accept the rather odd Left and Right mouse button! Or an assignable shortcut. A toolbar button that I could place on the main toolbar, so that it is always visible and in the same place would be great. Perhaps put the toggle in the Transform Panel since that is usually visible? This is inline with accessing the Transform Center by clicking twice on the Anchor Point Selector.
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    MrMattSim got a reaction from UnicornTapestry in Acrobat alternative?   
    What do the fine folks at Serif recommend as an alternative to Acrobat?  i.e.: Basic PDF manipulation: Merge/Extract/Export
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    MrMattSim reacted to nezumi in Font Management   
    Just in case somebody was looking for Windows font management software - outstanding, free, auto-activating fonts, working with Affinity:
    nexus font manager from http://www.xiles.net/
    cant imagine working without it.
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    MrMattSim reacted to MEB in Add multiple artboards   
    Hi calerius,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    You can quickly generate slices for any layer (or group/object) in the Layers Panel in Export Persona. You just have to select them and press the Create Slice button on the bottom right on the same panel. Affinity will generate the slices for all layers selected automatically for you.
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    MrMattSim reacted to f121 in [AD] Windows emf export   
    I would like to add that .emf/.wmf export is critical for some workflows. I regularly create .wmf files to import into to other software becasue that's the only format that the other software will take. So it's not about what's best, it's about the limits of other programs.
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    MrMattSim reacted to MattP in Craft by invision app   
    We do have prototyping already working behind-the-scenes in the current Designer, but it is disabled while we work through and flesh it out. Hopefully 1.6 will enable this functionality :)
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    MrMattSim reacted to Dave Harris in Will Publisher have rigorous "convert from PagePlus"?   
    There won't be a rock-solid import. Such a thing won't even be possible, because PagePlus is a mature application with many features that Publisher v1 won't support. However, PagePlus itself will continue working after Publisher comes out, so your documents won't be obsolete or unusable in PagePlus. You'll also be able to export documents as PDF and import them to Publisher.
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