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  1. I was able to get artwork to bleed into the bleed area using the current beta's Designer Persona (v1.7.0.333). I overlooked a couple of the details mentioned in earlier posts. However, that seems to work only for individual arboards. One of the things I use Affinity Designer for is designing and laying out book covers. I create three artboards: front cover, spine, and back cover... I then create a single PDF X-1 file from the three artboards for commercial printing. I use the method/steps described in this tutorial video (begins at about the 3:30 time): "Artboards: Exporting and Printing (Affinity Designer)" https://youtu.be/AMtJNv1rZdY?t=210 This method works as expected in the current stable version (v1.6.5.135) I use... The method/steps shown in the tutorial video do not seem to result in the expected PDF X-1 file with the current beta (v1.7.0.333)... I've attached an example "book cover" Affinity Designer file [Example_book cover_1.6.5.135.afdesign] created with v1.6.5.135. Follow the steps in the above-mentioned video tutorial using v1.6.5.135. Then open a copy of the example book cover Affinity Designer file in the current beta release (v1.7.0.333) and repeat the steps in the video tutorial.
  2. PDF X-1 file exported by Designer BETA v1.7.0.331 does not show artwork bleeding into bleed areas like PDF X-1 files exported by current retail version. This PDF X-1 export issue happens when exporting from both "Designer" and "Export" personas. (Bleed to 0.125 inch.)
  3. App crashes when the dialog box... ----- Close Document <filename.afphoto> has been modified. The document is about to close, would you like to save your changes? [Yes] [No] [Cancel] ----- ...appears and "Yes" is clicked on. It looks like the modified file is saved and the dialog box disappears. After the dialog box is gone, the empty Photo app's window closes after a second or so (i.e. app crashes). This appears to happen with any modifications I make (e.g. resize document) to an afphoto file. The Photo app does not appear to crash if an afphoto file is saved (e.g. with "File > Save/Save as") before closing it. At first I thought the problem was because the afphoto file was on an external USB HDD. The crash also occurs when working on an afphoto file on the PC's internal HDD.
  4. I think I've found the issue! The A-Photo file (that kept "Open folder in Explorer" from working properly) had a file name that included a comma (","). After removing that character from the file name, "Open folder in Explorer" functioned again, whether I opened the file via drag-and-drop from File Explorer, "Open" command, or "Open recent" command. I will note though, the "Open folder in Explorer" command worked in previous 1.7beta releases with filenames that included the comma character. At least that's what I remember.
  5. I first thought the problem lay with dragging an A-Photo file from Win Explorer to A-Photo app window to open it. But I still experience the same problem when I open an A-Photo file using the "File > Open" or "File > Open recent" commands. I've made sure that A-Photo is not on my anti-virus apps "block list".
  6. The command, "File > Open folder in Explorer", no longer opens File Explorer at the location of the Affinity Photo file currently being worked on. This worked in previous 1.7 beta versions.
  7. lowerider

    Problem with macro

    I, too, would also like to see this functionality.
  8. Until (or if) a bitmap tracing function is added to A-Designer, I use Inkscape's "Trace bitmap" function. It works reasonably well for my needs. This how I use that function... 1. Import bitmap into Inkscape. The higher the bitmap's resolution, the better. 2. Select the bitmap then run "Trace bitmap." The function's basic settings work fine in general for my needs. 3. Save the trace in Inkscape's native vectore file format, SVG. 4. Open/import the SVG in A-Designer. Inkscape website: https://inkscape.org/ (Current stable version: 0.92.4) In addition to using Inkscape vector files in A-Designer, I use them in laser engraving, CNC wood engraving, and CNC milling of aluminum and steel parts.
  9. Nothing happened when I used the key combination with artistic or frame text.
  10. lowerider

    Edit master page

    I see that I'm not the only one experiencing a master page's margins not transferring to pages assigned that master page. I'm running Public Beta v1.7.0.133 under Windows 10 (64-bit).
  11. lowerider

    Leading Not Applied

    I am able to adjust leading both using "text styles", baseline grid, and manual override. I work on a PC running Windows 10 (64-bit). I see that you are running AffPub-beta on a Mac (you mention in your post you are using OS X 10.11.6). You might want to post in the Affinity Publisher beta forum for Mac OS if you already have not done so. Maybe someone else has run into the same issue with the app as you have. Good luck!
  12. AfPub-beta is running fine (notwithstanding any bugs still in the beta) on my Window 10 machine. Your problem might have to do with installing the app on a drive other than your primary (i.e. C drive) and in a folder other than what the installer would create.
  13. lowerider

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Okey dokey! Aber dafür ist Geduld angesagt. MFG -- Lowe
  14. lowerider

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I was an early adopter of Affinity Photo (APhot) and Affinity Designer (ADsgn). I've completely moved my stock photo image processing to APhot. Although most of my vector work is now done in ADsgn, I still use DrawPlus X8 for functions still not present in ADsgn—such as warp mesh. The main aspect of my freelance work, however, is document design and page layout. PagePlus X9 continues to be my workhorse in this area until Affinity Publisher (APub) arrives. How would I go about becoming a beta tester for APub? I recently finished designing and typesetting a book for a client in PagePlus X9. I'm thinking that I could use the photos, illustrations, and copy from this project in recreating the book design in APub. Thanks for two great apps in APhot & ADsgn. And thanks in advance for working on getting APub out of the gate. -- Lowe