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  1. Hi, Did you tried modifying the main display screen option in Windows ? (Sometimes it continue to display parameters/windows… on screens turned off Or try this :
  2. Wosven

    Fur and hair brushes

    @retrograde , Do you search this sort of brushes Stuart_R brushes?
  3. Hi @Bad_Wolf , Do this means that she uses another way for counting or others symbols for numbers that you want to draw? I'd like to see an example if you've got one or the name of a font, or some examples from your project.
  4. Hi, Can't you export your files to PSD, TIFF or AI so you could open them in AD and get back some of your layers and curves ? From the documentation I read :
  5. Hi, Bitmap texture doesn't work with pixel layers, and when you used Distort Perpective on the rectangle filled with a bitmap, it was rasterised.
  6. Ha hem, you begin talking about your way about using a car… I've got no problem with this and the way using apps, but my point of view is different and I 'd rather have more possibilities than less because somme people are able/or not to do mistake (and that's their problems). Now, if they can convert other files from other programs with a tool to translate them in their meaningfull data, those same data can be exported as simple files and reimported (simple datas as the ones we input in AP or AD in the panels for the apps to process). The same datas we'll use and create someday with scripting if they add it as promised. That's nothing to do with their specific file format. About SVG : yes, it's interesting to read, and the forum where they discuss next features to add like modes, layers in SVG 2 too. (I hope one day it will be a more common file format to use in apps, avoiding use of proprietary formats… but sometimes, like in ePub format, some specifications aren't used for different raison and we have to wait for the next one to be usable). Sodipodi, now know as InkScape was importat too, since it's free and we are able to create SVG files with it for a long time. XML seems to be in use in a lot of formats or files, and that's why I expect it to be used, since storing data like it was done before, in text files, with specific orders and specific parser doesn't seems efficient (Adobe suite, Microsoft .extentionX, LibreOffice… a lot of apps seems to use now XML, and have been completely recoded to do this, I suppose they have good reasons to, so, why not?).
  7. That's the poetic help from Google translation (I was more confused by "emptying the car", since for me it's more like unloading the luggage after a vacation or the groceries after going to the mall ). If I was less lazy, I would use the old Harrap's dictionary that was so helpfull while studying!
  8. Now problem, another simple one: did you try restarting AP ? (or worse, the computer !)
  9. Not the settings, but selecting another brush in the brushes panel (a rounder one or different one).
  10. Hello, Est-ce que tu as essayé avec une autre brosse ? Tout semble normal…
  11. 1. I remember a time when people were able to do basic things like emptying the car, changing the candles of the car and do other things for cheap, or go to the next car workshop… Today they need to go to specific workshops and pay a lot more. We've got a lot more electronic in everything, but good old appliance with only mechanic parts are sturdier and do the same without fancy display that stop functionning 2 or 5 years later… and they could be repaired instead of being changed. Yes, we use things and apps for specific tasks, but it's always better to be able to do more, since it expands the possibilities and we can share ideas and new things to do with this. Knowing how things work can give ideas, it's not a desctructive way. 2. Look at what is possible with applications like inDesign that permit people to do plugins, scripts and share/sell them. They don't rely on Adobe to add features (some are asked for for years now), they can implement them if needed, they can debug files or get more efficient while working… Look at the open source way to do it. (I don't ask for Affinity apps code source, only to have easily modifiable files for simple things like color palettes and such, but the main idea can be read in The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric Steven Raymond). A bunch of people from around the world use and can add to apps they use, adding new ideas and functionality. We gain from this, not the other way. Few weeks ago, we searched how to get a lot of SVG icons in a same file, keeping the file name to use them as assets, and it wasn't possible opening them one at a time since it would take too long for so many, and they needed a trick to keep/get the file name once opened in AD. Since SVG is text files, some text editor and macro later it was possible to do this in bulk easily. Because we were few people talking and searching a solution and because it was text files. Serif will need time to add features that can answer everyone need. But there's some way to give people possibilities to find some other solutions, until more "professionnal" ones or features are directly added to the programs.
  12. I assure you it was xml and other characters from the clipboard that messed up the finder and displayed end of tag, bullet and other impossible characters where it shouldn't be. We were on Tiger or Leopard (10.4 or 10.5). I don't know how she copied the pic she wanted to use as icon, but it was a mess. I didn't spend time taking pictures, but shutted down really fast the computer to be able to think about the next step, (we had a second installation on a secondary DD). It wasn't a kernel panic this time, but I saw those once or twice too. (Bombs and Sad Mac stay in the minds of people who used Apple II and G3…) Never say "this can't happen", since users are really resourcefull and can do things you never thought were possible ! (and you need to stay impassive and not shout "what happened? what did you do???" since it's usually the computer who misbehave, not the user). A lot of users won't try to fix things because they don't know how to do it, and it's fine. But they'll try to install walware because it promise free or cheap things… They'll send login and password in emails or chatbox for some other reasons, or they'll do other actions because they didn't thought about security issues. I don't ask them to know how things work 'under the hood', but enought to be at ease, to avoid commun issues and to be able to explain a problem they encounter, how it happened and what they were doing… basic stuff that's better than "it didn't work, I closed the alert message without reading it… Please find a solution now". Now, I complain for the fun of it, I help and debug people when they need it, and I like helping them and trying to teach them how to avoid such things. I don't mind, it usually endup with us talking about completely different subjects, having a drink or a meal…
  13. Yes I remembered last year reading a magazine about computer games in the subway, and a younger one look at me funny, and end up asking why, a girl — and an older than him seems implied — read such things. I wasn't sure how to respond, and finished by telling him it was logical since I was born like some games in the seventies and grew up with them… Funny way to start a plaisant conversation. But as you said, it's what you have been exposed to and how our mind works: if we keep on asking ourself questions like "what is it? what is inside? Can I open it (to look how it's working)? What happens if I click this button? Can I do this even if it's not made for it?…" It's more difficult because sometime they can't understand some concepts, are afraid of technology or strangely "forget" to think when with a computer ("For installing this upgrade, should I click on "OK" or "Cancel"?" < this can happen with everyone). Perhaps there's more older people who lived without computers and don't find them usefull but for sending an email or doing administrative work (soon in France, we will only be able to pay taxes on Internet…), and it's for them that it's more difficult. Do you imagine sending personal emails for a coworker about his taxes because he never use one and don't have one? I don't blame them, but for security reasons, since now we use our credit cards on Internet and such, it would be better to pay more attention and learn a little bit, and for now, it was more difficult to explain to older people (but there's as much young ones that don't mind too!).
  14. Wosven

    The best from the best

    I spend years on QXPress, and thought it was ID styles that were strange. I grumbled a lot at first. Now I completely forgetted about QXPress styles, and can't compare them. But I'm sure QXPress way for Master pages was best, since with ID the only use is mainly for page number and decoration… I miss a lot the way QXP managed text blocs and objects styles in master pages, and how they stay linked to them.
  15. Haha ! (not enought "like" for today) I"m looking at my old Logitech LX3, at her soft padding completely cracked and missing some parts… I had once a mouse with lot of options, but since I was clicking on them by error and strange things happened, I modifyed them until it was non important actions like next/previous page… and I ended disabling those too. If there's more than 1 button on my mouse, I'm happy! Those expert mouses seems frigthening… Does every one use complex mouses and keyboards with programable buttons for differents apps ? (and remember those setting to use them ?)
  16. Win Me was a bomb ! I spend a year on it and a friend made me change… Since, I'd rather stay on an old stable OS for years that switching to a new one full of bugs (like Win 10 at work…) But Mac can have problems too… I'm not sure, but I think one of my colleague managed to get a "bomb alert" — or was it a "sad Mac icon — on her OS X (after copying-pasting an image to replace a file icon in the properties panel… every icon was crashed and there was pieces of xml displayed everywhere, until we reboot and repaired the system !!!). And I should admit I manage to crash my G5… Apple wasn't able to repair it and we had to buy a new one and switch the DDs on it… (strangest thing: one day, it refused to boot… they couldn't find which part was at fault, but perhaps because they're not as used to check/repair parts as PC's owners are )
  17. I said I would be carefull with things that would "broke" Windows (such as needing to reinstall a full OS, since I'd rather do it few times, since it take a lot of time to tweek things enought so it feel "at home" with our usuals thingies at the right place, our shortcuts, those rare apps we only use once a year but need to reinstall, etc.). Messing a single app isn't a problem (seems a lot of repairing AP or AD endup with deleting prefs… that's like reinstalling an app for me… you just need to backup assets, brushes… if you created some). So no, that's not what I would call a no-go action Edit: [and if I had to understand FULLY everything before doing it, I wouldn't have remade my appartment, I wouldn't have coded some PHP database to manage clients and works, I wouldn't have scripted for inDesign, I wouldn't try apps, I wouldn't have played with Linux distro, etc. I spend years trying to convince a friend that she can try and test things, that failure isn't important, since at some point she would have good results and be proud of her. Now she do so many things without being afraid that she get felicitations and admiration from people. Playing with those files, the worst thing that can happen is a sad Mac icon, or a Bomb, but on Win I'm safe, but for a Blue Screen of Death ]
  18. About the second point, you can learn tips from this page: Typography is impossible, it should be the same principle as about the superscript 2 mentioned.
  19. Wosven

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Not so long ago, we were working on old workstations downgraded to Win XP for using CS6 apps. It was laggy, buggy, we needed tricks to open more recents files send by clients, etc.) but we couldn't afford CC. Some time later and few people less ( ), we are now on new computer using CC. That's why Affinity apps are important and a lot of us, independant, small or big company are waiting for Affinity Publisher and testing AP and AD. Being able to _keep people_ and changing computers when needed, and being enought to do the work and working with good apps can depend of the price of those apps. That's why a desktop app seems more important today, and why I think that if Serif sell enought of them, they'll be able to develop for tablet later, as an aside and complementary app. And since I'm a dreamer, I hope switching to Affinity will help companies to keep people and upgrading their hardware. (going from CSx to CC can be a 1 to 6 change in a company budget — new hardware needed, licences, updating archiving or other workflow apps…)
  20. You can have a safe guard as in inDesign: if the file is corrupted or unusable, don't load it and revert to the default one, while displaying a message to the user so he knows about it. People can delete those files too, why they don't do it: they're afraid it would broke the app. The same way, they won't modify files if they don't understand what they are doing, or they'll learn the hard way (not really hard if they backup the file first —commun sens while modifying something—, or learn to backup their brushes, assets, etc. or if a feature is added to export brushes, assets, etc. in a folder as a backup or for sharing with another of our computer). At some moment, we need to take responsability, and learning not to touch a file if we don't understand what we are doing is really simple. We have already a lot of messages like: "Do you really want to do this ? It can broke your computer/This page is insecure/Put some alert here". Accessing those files is not easy, why people who don't understand this would try to find and modify them ? It's like modifying the register, deleting files in the Windows folder, going out and crossing the street, drinking a hot coffee… We've got a mind and we can use it. And if we do mistake, it's usually reparable, and there's a forum like this one full of nice people to help us. The propcol files are not text, but contains for the most part "parameter=value" infos (with more for texture or assets). Exporting/importing to XML can be a solution for some of them (if they add scripting, we'll be able to create and use some of them depending of those parameters or values), or do this with exported set of brushes/color palettes… (Thoses files can be plain text compressed, like IDML or DOCX is XML zipped, or use protocol buffers… I don't mind if we have tools to manage them more efficiently) I thought about XML since it can be modified without additional tools and they can keep it simpler in AD or AP panels without adding complex fonctions that we can use on XML. For example, we can find a lot of value for color palettes, gradients, etc. and if we had xml files and knew the XML structure, we could create palettes from data easily without spending time trying to recreate them in AD before adding them to a palette.
  21. Wosven

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Don't That's like thinking ebook will kill paper-book, and before that Radio/TV/etc. will kill books. We've got better technology, and miniaturisation, but it's not always eficient depending of your work. Perhaps it can be usefull for flyers, but not for 720 pages books created from imported data, using lot of scripts and tricks, or even regular publications, needing access to files from a server, etc. When I dream about possible futur, I'd rather have more "télétravail" (work from home), with lesser days spend in long comute to go to the office (but some days, since it's important to meet colleagues and work with them around).
  22. Wosven

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    It all depend on which files your are working on. I do this professionnally since ±2000, and getting a second screen was so wonderfull I bought a second one at home. And we all have a second screen at work since they bought newer and larger ones, and they realise that's improving productivity. I own a Windows tablet, and I thought I would use graphics apps on it. But really, that's like drawing on my phone… it can be usefull, but if I can avoid it I do. Adobe do a lot of app too. I only see this as way to ask us to work everywhere. But sometimes, it's more efficient to think and plane your work when you are away from your computer, and do it faster when at the office, than trying to work everywhere whithout doing anything really usefull. But that's only my point of view. And at work, we have a laptop with all the apps needed for going to meeting with clients when we need to leave the office.
  23. (Oups, second part, since I'm not sure editing will inform you of this) I prefer to think people can learn and avoid doing stupid things than trying to break everything. I remember long ago, when I was using Win 98 or similar, a cousin sending me an email asking me to delete some Windows file because someone told him it was a virus. I had the good reflex to check first on a security site database, and this way I learned it was a common hoax, and that deleting this file would be more anoying that helpfull. It's the same as teaching people not to input password or credit card info on a chat for security reason, instead of trying to limit features on a program to prevent stupid errors. Nowaday, people grew up with computer, they need to learn how to use it, it's better and it's always be usefull. I understand it's more difficult for older ones to learn such things, and I'm here to help, debug and de-virus things for them. But I espect young ones to learn more than clicking a button without understanding what happens or how their device works, at least a minimum about this.
  24. Metadata is only text file, it's lightweight and can be open with any textEditor without problem. Look at inDesign .IDML file's weight compared to the original .INDD file (12 or 24 pages, I didn't opened it for checking) : file_with_no_embedded_pics.indd = 25 596 Ko file_with_no_embedded_pics.idml = 1 315 Ko Lesser XML files with only few information would be more like few Ko.

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