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  1. Really interesting. I'm usually picky about fonts and handmade letters, but yours are fine. Is there a coloured version?
  2. Wosven

    Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)

    Nice textures, but we can see some patterns repeating (lines 3 & 4).
  3. Some another usefull features: slice from selection (part(s) of an image or multiple objects) => one new slice slices from selections (part(s) of an image or multiple objects) => new slices slice from mask (only the visible part define the slice w & h = solve the problem of transparent pixels to trim) being able to hide slices' borders but the current one (selected). Would be very usefull when slices overlap other ones. convert "yellow slice" to "violet slice" and vice versa a new sort of slice: created with visibility from selected layer to background -- not above -- and all objects below are and can be (un)selected. This would work with "slice from selection" too, to define an area first. This would avoid dupplicating layers to get another slice with an object with different color, i.e. and keep our Export persona clean, not needing to rename slice before export for a different version or dupplicating object when not needed but export.
  4. @liltus, Image layers are like embedded, you can replace the image by another one or the same you had modified in another program. The image layer will keep it original PPI, and if you resize it you'll see PPI information and pixels size at the top of the screen. Once rasterized (=> pixel layer), the PPI will be the same as the document's.
  5. @carl123 you're right! Damn! My first answer (that I deleted) was about ctrl+E that works fine with pixel layers, as you say, and doesn't need to un-nest the mask or anything... But I end up thinking and testing with image layer... Why do it simple when we can do complicated? So I can put my previous screenshot about ctrl+E action
  6. +1 And nested style/GREP, scripts... there're so many things usefull and fun in ID that it'll be difficult to find a replacement or to wait for such features in a new application. I spend years doing "manually" some search and replace in QXD dreaming about being able to use some regular expressions... Some features are only used by advanced users (I know a lot of people doing without and using fast clicking instead...) but it's nice to be able to think about a problem and resolve it with such tools or with scripts when needed.
  7. @carl123 The problem with "image" layer is that you can't rasterise them and keep the adjustement layers (they are applied and all is rasterised). An option to rasterise/apply mask and preserve adjustement layers would be usefull. Merge down (ctrl+E) will merge (a mask) with the next pixel layer will not merge with the image layer, but with another sub pixel layer.
  8. Hi @EliasPeeters, Try to use the Transparency tool. Shelf2.svg
  9. Hi @Madmax45 , You need to import the .afmacros in the Library panel.
  10. Hi, Did you try creating other Affinity files in "My Documents" or some other folder and opening them? The "Download" folder can have some permissions restrictions (files' names appearing green, opening files needing confirmation with a warning, etc.).
  11. Perhaps it's some more recent filters in CC version of PS (like smart objets that end up as raster layers)... Is the problem occuring only with recent files or with the use of specific effects?
  12. Wosven

    Beginner help

    For english users only. They aren't sorted for other languages, and sometimes it take longer to find an entry in the studio menu.
  13. If youf image was partially erased (instead of using a mask and keep the original working file), you can dupplicate it until you recover enough of the partially transparent zones, and use level or curves adjustement to get back more colors. But it's difficult to get back the original file.
  14. @MikeW Is that from QXP? There wasn't so many options in version 8, and now I'm using ID.
  15. And the other problem with stroke is that if they are too thin, tools like Pitstop correct them and the result can be disastrous when printed if you don't check it (problem that can occur each time you need to use another font when you need a specific character that doesn't exist on the usual font, etc.) Using tricks can be tricky
  16. Be carefull with fake small caps. Usually the fake are done at 75%... of the originql font size in some app which ones you can define the ratio. I find it's better at 85%, or adding more width or a light additionnal stroke (sacrilège ! / damn! x2) to compensate if I don't have small caps font and need it.
  17. Long ago, PS'. tif was better than PSD files. (smaller file size). TIFF retained layers, effects, pathes, alpha channels, etc. That's why we switch to this format instead of EPS that was only usefull for vector, at a time when people used to save pictures in EPS format too! At the time, I didn't know it was not a regular TIFF format and was hoping to be able to use/open those files (years) later if we stopped using PS. I suppose Adobe's TIFF and PSD 've got a lot in common. That's why some TIFF and PSD files are layered and retained PS effects, and can be opened in AP/AD. .I discovered this after converting those TIFF files to PSD and opening a TIFF (instead of one of the new PSD ones) in AP or AD
  18. Wosven

    After War Selfie: Photo Manipulation

    Hi, You need to delete some grass/forest in her hairs too, on the right side.
  19. That's strange. A lot of my old logo's files done in Photoshop, mainly with pathes since those worked fine in QXP, and saved as .tif open with layers in AD or AP without needing to convert them to PSD (it's the same if converted). But they were created with PS from version 5 to CS5. Perhaps those are older formats, the one documented and readable by other apps?
  20. But for this AP/AD should manage color palettes and the few tests I did with PNGs' palettes wasn't interesting (I didn't test working with the pixel brush, and the antialiasing was messing the palette's colors). For now, I would keep on with Gimp that can manage GIFs, palettes, import series of images in order if they are called something_01, something_02...
  21. Wosven

    Label beer - Gallas

    That's a fine painting in the background I forgot to mention, that's more visible this way. It would make a nice poster.
  22. Sometimes, it's not "everyone want Adobe files". We usually ask for PDF files since it's the most logical format, whatever program was used to create the file will produce a PDF we'll need to correct or tweak if lacking some proprieties, but the result will look mostly as intended by our client (in worst case scenario, we ask a screenshot so we'll be able to reproduce the intended effect). We have few Affinity licences, and wouldn't mind if people send us Affinity files. But for now, no one (client or illustrator) asked us if we would accept those files. In the futur, perhaps there will be more people using Affinity's apps and sending their files. Full CC licences will be purchased/continued for specific tasks/works, and Affinity or other apps will be used by the ones that don't need such specific features. The Press is having more and more difficulties, and I suspect it's a sector where such apps would be used if they can adapt their workflow and archiving flow... If plugins and scripts and other automated tasks can be deployed. In the past they switch from QXP to ID... Why not another switch to Affinity when the products are mature enough? If Affinity apps get enough users, it can be usefull for companies to buy a licence (we already have specific licences on some computers depending of the need of specific jobs).
  23. Wosven

    Label beer - Gallas

    Hi, It's nice but for me it lacks a main focus. There are four parts (top left red one, round black logo, the dog, the flavor), but none is central and the eyes are searching which part is the important one. Perhaps you need to put the main/important part in the center, and add the other ones around depending of their importance (for the label, for the one that will drink it...). For now, it appears that you had 4 different and interesting designs, couldn't choose which one is more important, and added each one as equal part of your design. But usually the main one is the label, second are identifying part (the dog ? ), and details (flavor, etc.).
  24. Wosven

    Cannot Open my files

    Your file don't load after 1 hour… I hope they'll be able to debug it. Did you save the history with your document ?
  25. Wosven

    Scaling Raster Help

    And it's the same when you restart the app? (it would be nice if it was so simple)

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