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  1. According to Visual Studio Debugger this is the problem. An unhandled exception of type 'System.IO.FileLoadException' occurred in Unknown Module. A procedure imported by 'Serif.Interop.Persona.dll' could not be loaded.
  2. Frankly the only way to enable update is to allow Microsoft nag messages to upgrade, and I can live without. Thanks for your interest, but this is as far as I go.
  3. It's ok I just won't update the programs again. You must have switched the compile options in the latest update. I can't stand Windows 10, so I'll keep what I have.
  4. I am currently updated to Net 4.8 and have all the other upgrades. Because the programs wouldn't run I couldn't assess the download page and I had to reload a full drive backup to recover the programs. The only download available on my account login was the latest until I was able to run my backup.
  5. All the 1.92 updates do not run. 1.91 was working fine.
  6. Affinity Photo does not recognize plugins unless they are in a folder called Plugins under the Affinity/Photo directory where it was run from. Even though it says you can browse for plugins this is the only place it will work. Affinity does not create this folder under 1.8 so you have to create it.
  7. Although the connection is fine for terms and conditions, I get a connection error when trying to look at pictures using the menu Pexels. Other two sites are fine. I think the address for Pexels is bad.
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