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  1. deividtavares

    1965 Ferrari Dino Berlinetta Speciale (AD)

    Oh man, fantastic. Great work. It's amazing, really. Congrats
  2. deividtavares

    Some of my freelance work... :)

    Good job, Burny.
  3. deividtavares

    Old Wheels - digital painting

    OMG! Fantastic, really. The textures is amazing. Good job.
  4. deividtavares

    Cooktop UI design

    Very good, Paolo. Congratulations. Big Inspiration!
  5. deividtavares

    Baby Portrait - Photorealistic AD Vector

    Of course! It was very beautiful indeed. I'll post and give you due credit. Thanks! Big hug. See you.
  6. deividtavares

    Baby Portrait - Photorealistic AD Vector

    Oh man! It's very beautiful. Congratulations!!! I have a Facebook group here in Brazil (Affinitiy Designer BR), about Affinitiy Designer, and I plan to launch a fanpage later this month as well. Will you allow me to post your art there for the followers? Obviously giving you all the credit for the creation. See you later!
  7. Hey guys! I noticed that bleed is not visible in creation, only when we export. The ideal in this case is to create the page already in size with the bleed, but the Serif could adjust this in the next update, making this bleed area visible for better framing of the printed material. See you later. (Sorry for English)
  8. deividtavares

    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    Hi, Brian. Congratulations, it was very good! Hugs ;)
  9. deividtavares

    My firts Affinity Designer Article

    Hi Brian. Yes, I'm loving Affinity, I'm specializing in it. I have shared by Facebook and social networks. Many Brazilians are very fond of Affinity too. Thanks your for report. ;)
  10. deividtavares

    My firts Affinity Designer Article

    Hello guys! ;) Well, I'm in love with Affinity Designer and I'm also a columnist for the "Design Conceitual (DCon)" site. I create my first article on the DCon site, speaking of Affinity Designer. Your opinion is very important to me, I will be very happy. http://designconceitual.com.br/2017/03/24/affinity-designer-novo-tempo/ Note: The text is in Portuguese-Brazil. Ps.: Sorry for English, I'm speak a more less :P Big hug. Deivid Tavares :D
  11. deividtavares

    Material Design palette

    Hi. Thanks. This beautifull pack. ;)