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  1. In short - gets pushed back by 6 months every time reality reaches the named beta date...
  2. Well he has a point - Wasn't the beta promised end of 2016? It is really getting annoying that it is pushed back all the time.I don't want to get one of the more expensive alternatives for Mac - But when I can't wait any longer then the train has left for Publisher for a long time for me 8(
  3. That may be it. Still I see it rather weird to expect the removal of text function from Designer and Photo or full InDesign compatibility (not even InDesign can claim this...)
  4. Please say the "early" just slipped in your post and not in the real timeline x_X
  5. Well most people grumbling have no access to the old Serif line - as they are on Mac... So the Windows users around here have an advantage in this regard.
  6. An importer need all/most features to be present in the new app to work good - APu will for a longer time not be there.
  7. Argl - I feel with you. I never worked on a more mad keyboard layout then azerty, anything important is hard to reach on it...
  8. Really? They are dirt cheap without any special sale going on and then 25% less is not big enough? I'll never get people...
  9. Well Amiga was nice in it's time, but I personally prefer my Mac Pro a lot to it nowadays :)
  10. I see, the same problem as in video editing where the Hollywood guys don't get that wedding photographers doing a movie are professional users, too - And hating Apple for targeting this segment and not the high end with FCPX...
  11. There are differences in word usage. Professional means clearly different thing to different people. I use it in the dictionary meaning: Engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as an amateur (Oxford). The high end of the professional usage in DTP is in the hands of Indesign and Xpress. Serif has many times said they don't target *this* area. But professional usage includes many use cases that don't need the power of Indesign and Xpress - This is the area Serif is targeting from everything I have read till now. And this area of the professional segment is interesting for many semi pro users, too. I don't know what you understand under a semi, but I understand it as non professional users that work on the same level as a professional. Perhaps we use different definitions here.
  12. Thx SrPx. Did you understand what the video is supposed to say to us?
  13. Care to explain that question? I'm having problems understanding it (probably because english isn't me primary language.
  14. And this is totally fine. The *pro* segment HAS already Indesign and Xpress, what we need is a nice *semipro* solution.
  15. Just tried the current version of Scribus: At least the Mac port is a pita. Nonnativ gui, ugly icons and multiple crashes in a few minutes. Perhaps it is better under Linux - A Mac developer would (rightfully) get skinned alive for delivering such junk.
  16. Ah Scribus, like the 2 other big oss projects (Blender, GIMP) has a, how should I say it? - PITA GUI I really wonder why oss software always sucks at the user interface. Often so much to make the software unusable when you are no masochist...
  17. I hoped that iStudio would fulfil my needs as APu doesn't appear anywhere on the horizon but man is it slow - even on my fat nMP...
  18. Hmm iCalamus looks real ugly - Well what to expect of an application with Atari heritage?
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