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  1. and Reopen Document on Startup doesn't work either
  2. this place for help... are you kidding me
  3. AP has been hanging when I use the Mesh Warp Tool. First I will make my warp, then for some reason one of the lines will disappear after that AP no longer responds. I can click on the different layers and make them active but can't move any of them.
  4. doobie lit

    the jump

    I jumped in, then I jumped back out
  5. Happy Easter to you and yours from me and mine.
  6. I'm taking it there is no way to dock tools to the right side?
  7. I was also looking for something like this and found this golden-ratio-design-examples hope it helps.
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    @christovw66 thank you
  9. hello, How do I Offset Path ?
  10. today these popped up while searching youtube for a few AD tutorials...
  11. doobie lit

    Div Metal Styles

    thank you
  12. doobie lit

    Forum Images

    after just a few hours visiting here if I think the thumbnail looks like it's going to be a large image I don't bother looking at it .. Flickr, 500px, etc. these sites are the place to show off large images not in a forum post.