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  1. Bruno Rhuan

    Harry Potter 2015 Calendar

    Yah, thats Ron! And I´m using the Noise effect, as MEB just said. I think in the last one (March) I made something wrong during the rendering process so I may have exagerated the effet a bit.
  2. Don't know if anybody has the same problem. Everytime I try to open two or more documents on Affinity Designer the tabs (that show documents names, colors, swatches, brushes...) just disappear. Look: In this case I have the main open document plus another one thats not named (you can see "Untitled"cause I was trying to find the document tab). Im running fullscreen on MacBook Pro Retina.
  3. Bruno Rhuan

    Harry Potter 2015 Calendar

    Bloody hell! It's a little bit late, but it's March, alright? PDF: http://www.4shared.com/office/SQhi0IjCce/Harry_Potter_Calendar_-_March.html
  4. Bruno Rhuan

    The astro boy - work in progress

    Hi guys! Acctually this is my first try with wacom intuos table. I'm trying to get used but it's been not that difficult so far. That's why I decided to use only the pixel persona. This is the brush I've mentioned https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/3881-painter-packed-bristles-tool-for-ad/?hl=brush I chose this because of its natural effect.
  5. Bruno Rhuan

    The astro boy - work in progress

    Working on an illustration for a friend who just gave birth to Samuel, a cute little boy whose bedroom is decorated with spaceships and stars. Using only the pixel persona and mostly the Bristles Brush I found here at the forum.
  6. Bruno Rhuan

    Zabanti Logo

    nice and clean. good job!
  7. Bruno Rhuan


    Love it! Good balance among all collours and really good choice for The fonts.
  8. Bruno Rhuan

    Harry Potter 2015 Calendar

    Here it comes February! PDF: http://www.4shared.com/office/x_hhF0y4ba/Harry_Potter_Calendar_-_Februa.html
  9. Bruno Rhuan

    Harry Potter 2015 Calendar

    Starting a new work. Trying to make a minimalist calendar based on Harry Potter characters, with a quote related too. Who's this one? PDF file - if maybe you're a fan like me and want to print - http://www.4shared.com/office/EJ7KR4s7ba/Harry_Potter_Calendar_-_Januar.html
  10. Bruno Rhuan

    The Amazon forest girl

    Thanks, everyone! It's really inspiring to have your feedback!
  11. Bruno Rhuan

    The Amazon forest girl

    My first work in Affinity Designer. Just an idea that came up in my mind about this little girl in the river, which is a very comon scene here in the Amazon. I don't have much experience with water reflection so it's a little simplified in the bottom of the drawing. Just watched a couple youtube tutorials about light and shadow and tried to put in practice. By the way, the noise tool is AWESOME! Hope you like it!

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