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    AK21 got a reaction from muggooz in Better iCloud Drive and "Files" Integration   
    Thanks for the video. At least now I know the difference. 
    Though I think this could be much more clarified with better labelling.
    I still think "opening" a file should sync changes automatically back to (and also get changes from) the "Files" app. That would make a true difference and a faster workflow.
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    AK21 got a reaction from Joey Livingston in Split screen   
    Depends on your workflow! And more options are always better.  You may want to use Affinity Photo and Designer side by side or always show a reference image without overlapping the UI.
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    AK21 reacted to MEB in Duplicate as a separate Button   
    Hi AK21,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    With the layer selected, tap the ellipsis icon on the top left of the interface and select Duplicate.
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    AK21 reacted to shushustorm in Rename layer with double tap   
    Hey everyone!
    It would be much faster if double tap on a layer would let you rename it.
    Best wishes,
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    AK21 reacted to blue_heron in Undo/Redo button   
    Undo/Redo buttons should be on by default.