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  1. Solution is to: Create a template document Use the Mac to import a palette into the template document Use the iPad to create a new document based on the template. Placing the template in iCloud or some other network shared storage would help as well.
  2. No, all images seem to be linked by default in Designer 1.7.2 for macOS. No, I have not opened this document in Publisher. Nevertheless I have a licensed copy and tried it out during the beta. However I keep my copy of Publisher on an external drive and not normally accessible. The drive wasn't even attached when I created this document or edit it. I insert the image by dragging the file from the Finder and into Designer.
  3. When I drag-and-drop JPG files into Affinity Designer 1.7.2, it seems that they are linked and not embedded. When the Designer file is saved, closed and then the original JPG files were removed (or moved), re-opening the Desginer file shows a "missing resources" dialog. Clicking "Resource Manager" on this prompt shows a Resource Manager that can be used to re-place the missing image. However this Resource Manager dialog can't seem to be invoked from elsewhere in Designer, unless of course by making a linked image missing.
  4. This missing "resource manager" is really frustrating. I just found out the hard way when I opened an Affinity Designer (version 17.2) document only to found out that the images within are missing and been forcefully shown a "resource manager" dialog to replace/embed the image. The problem is, at the time I inserted the image, I wasn't made aware that these are only "linked" images and not "embedded" (and there isn't any way to know which is which in Designer until it became missing). Normally I download clip-arts into the Downloads folder and after I've placed them into Designer, I removed the original files. Now I'm really frustrated of this "linked images" un-feature and there isn't a clear way to see which images are linked and how to forcefully embed them inside the "afdesign" file.
  5. Is it possible to stitch vertically? I've scanned an A1-sized document using a handheld scanner and ensured that there are plenty of overlaps. Now is it possible to use Affinity Photo (or Designer for that matter), to stitch and merge the overlapped portions of the images?
  6. Where can I find this super-ellipse shape on Affinity Designer 1.5.5?
  7. Current versions of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are not compatible. On the Mac App Store, current version of Designer is 1.5.3 and Photo is 1.4.3. Due to this an *.afphoto file that I opened in Designer cannot be re-opened in Photo. This is unfortunate. Is there a compatibility mode in Designer so that I can re-open the file in an older Photo version? (which is notably the older one is the currently live one).
  8. In Affinity Designer 1.4.2, the Export Persona only exports PNG, no matter what format is selected in the "export options" dialog.
  9. Thanks. I'm looking forward for the fix.
  10. Affinity Designer 1.4.1 is not responsive after opening this EPS file. Even a "save as" couldn't work. Hardware: MacBookPro10,1, i7 2.7Ghz, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. OS: 10.11.4 Note: these are split ZIP files – need to concatenate before unzipping. test-1.ziptest-2.zip
  11. The girl's face looks like she's intellectually challenged. Is that intended?
  12. Anti-aliasing still appears on horizontal and vertical lines in the 2x and 3x exported PNG versions even though they don't show up in the canvas / preview. Affinity Designer Screenshot: Resulting export – notice the faint grey shadows above and to the top-left of the pillar on the right: Affinity Designer version: 1.3.2 Original files attached. Pillars.zip
  13. Pixel snapping still doesn't export correctly on 1.3.2. Even though in the editor it seems to align perfectly, when exported there are still some gray anti-aliasing artifacts around straight lines. Original files attached. Pillars.zip
  14. I've got a collection of Keynote objects that I'd like to use and edit in Affinity Designer. Is it possible to import them the way PSD files get imported? (i.e. editable?)
  15. Is there a way to convert outlines to filled shapes? The reason behind it is that I'm creating icon glyphs and would like to use the compound shape to "disconnect" a few lines – whereas I can't do that with just an outline and probably would need to convert the line into a stroke.
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