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  1. I could see the grid on my master page, but not on the "normal" pages. Using OpenGL (basic) fixed the problem for me!
  2. Awesome, thanks for mentioning that @Mithferion! I didn't know that it works like this! I thought you can only select all nodes of all shapes ⌘+A (or ctrl+A). Clarification of others: Select a node of the shape you want to select and press ⌘+A (or ctrl+A on Windows) to select all nodes only of this shape. –––––––––– What a in depth feedback @JET_Affinity. Though it doesn't directly correspond to my points I hope Affinity is reading and listening. Good idea, better than selecting all connected nodes on a path after deleting the first one (my suggestion).
  3. Hello Affinity Team, I think the node selection tool could need some improvements for selecting multiple nodes and nodes along a path. See at my attached video for a use case. I've expanded a stroke and now want to delete the inner shape to make it solid. As of Designer v1.7.3 I have to either select all nodes by hand or use the lasso selection tool (drag + ⌥). With complex shapes this can be quite tricky! And it would be much faster to select all nodes along a path with e.g. ⌘-clicking on a node. This also includes the problem that it overlaps with the scrolling when keep holding the option-key. I was just accidentally finding out that you can release the option-key to work around this. Inspiration: Adobe Illustrator does a great job here. When selecting one node and deleting it all of the missing nodes connected to that shape will be selected after this. Alternatively Illustrator also allows to select whole objects in one group of shapes. See here (at 5:14): Screen Recording.mp4
  4. Now as iPadOS 13 supports font management it would be nice to also support this. But please don‘t remove the old option to add fonts, as the user system wide font adding is only supported via other apps. Next to the user font support all Affinity Apps should support the default system fonts (SF Pro, …). This would allow us to use the new SF Symbols in the app and create better app design drafts.
  5. You can change the default safe location in the settings general tab. Though when opening a file from iCloud Drive pressing safe should also safe it back to iCloud.
  6. Hi! If someone is also still looking for this problem and thinks about trying it. Following these steps still helped to fix the problem with: macOS 10.14.4 Affinity Designer v1.6.1 + Affinity Photo v1.6.7 I tried it today. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the video. At least now I know the difference. Though I think this could be much more clarified with better labelling. I still think "opening" a file should sync changes automatically back to (and also get changes from) the "Files" app. That would make a true difference and a faster workflow.
  8. Hey, I've just started using both Affinity Designer and Photo on iPad. I think both apps should better integrate with Apple's "Files" extension/app! This should lead to an easier cross platform and app exchange. The current solution with "open from cloud" and "import from cloud" are confusing and don't work as I would expect. My idea was that using the "open" option it just saves any changes I made directly back to the "Files" app (no matter if the document is located in iCloud Drive, Dropbox, iPad or some other location). There could be a little icon next to the document (in the overview), that indicates that it is linked/located to the "Files" app. So you can easily distinguish between app documents and documents in the Cloud (or any other location). In this case the wording of "close" (in the popup menu of the document overview) would also make more sense. When "importing" the file I would expect that the app creates a copy of the document inside the app. To save it back to "Files" I would have to press the "Save" button in the document overview. I tested it and this isn't the case. What is the actual difference between "open from cloud" and "import from cloud"? The icons are also extremely confusing to spot a difference. Thanks for making great Pro software available on iPad! Cheers! PS: Hope the label translations are right, as I use Affinity in German.
  9. Actually there isn't a way to duplicate layers – or did I miss something? I don't think that a duplicate button should be located next to the help (and undo/redo) button. Though it should be added in the layers panel and maybe as option if you tap and hold on a layer.
  10. I wish I could rearrange the right side of the tools (layers, effects, typo, …), because I think the layers panel is way too hidden in this toolbar. It should be at the very top if you ask me. But sure, anyone uses it differently.
  11. Depends on your workflow! And more options are always better. You may want to use Affinity Photo and Designer side by side or always show a reference image without overlapping the UI.
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