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  1. This is definitely a web thing... When slicing an object, the slicing borders should be allowed to outside the art board. Sometimes I start slicing outside the art board just so the slice snaps to borders, but in affinity the slide stay outside and I need to move it back inside. In addition to that, it would be awesome if when a slice is selected I could use the arrow keys move the slice around, rather then having to use the move tool on the slice. Oh also, are there transform parameters available for slicing objects ? If I know the slice is say 200 x 200 but I create the slice 210 x 205, I currently use the anchors on the side of the slice tool to update the size. I would be better to have the size in a transform panel that I could just input the size, have it resize and then move into the correct position. /savagecorp
  2. Oh fantastic! Thanks for the help, and the title change. I'll check this out tonight, but I'm pretty sire this solves my issue.
  3. wow sorry.. my title is totally messed up. I wish I could delete this post and create another or at least change the title. Should be 'Slicing Areas and Transparencies'
  4. Is it possible to export a slice without defining a slicing area? I think, without going back into Sketch that you can define an object to be sliced without having to define an area with the slice tool. Say I created a bunch of buttons and icons - each button and icon are grouped. Is it possible to select the group and export it, without defining a slicing area? ----- Is it possible to slice a group without turning off all the underlying layers to make, say, a transparent png? Take the above example of icons and buttons. Currently the workflow is to define a slicing area, and then I have turn off all the underlying layers in order to make the icon have a transparent background. I believe if the above situation was solved for (exporting layers/ groups), that I wouldn't have to hide multiple layers in-order to get a transparent background. * This is a great feature, which I'd be open to requesting, for people making graphics that use hover effects and changing backgrounds - say for example on buttons. In the attachment I have multiple button icons to be exported and it sucks to hide all the layers, export the icons, then display all the layers again (primarily cause the layers could be at all kinds of different levels in the layers panel)
  5. I believe what you want to do is create a slice, and then later manipulate the slide, either by position or size, right? I don't think this is necessarily a problem but a pattern inherent in Affinity. • First you create the slice. • Then in order to manipulate it, you need to select the slice from the layers panel. • Finally manipulate selected slice. This isn't necessarily bad, but it is a bit time consuming. If you look at fireworks you can select slices after creation just by clicking on them with the arrow tool, then decide to scale / move. I think that if you could click the slice the manipulate it, that would solve a bunch of issues / time. Also a shortcut to toggle slicing on and off would be awesome (maybe there is one, but I don't know what it is).
  6. Hey MEB, yeah I have both of those options set but it can still be a bit of a pain using the half pixels - I think it comes into play more when I'm moving objects around, and aligning them. An option to limit to full pixels only would be great. This could also only be an option if you choose "web" from your file type.
  7. Go into the paragraph panel, and see if "After Paragraph" is set to something. That might help with what you're looking for.
  8. I was wondering if there was a feature somewhere that you can take a object and "snap to pixel" like in Sketch and Fireworks - or some way to only use full pixels to create objects, move objects and even aligning objects. I've noticed when I export assets that are not perfectly lined up on a pixel, the object then becomes anti-aliased which is super frustrating, cause then i need to go back and realign every object. The fact that I have objects on a x (or y) position at 20.1is a bit counter intuitive to web design i think. This has also led to problems exporting and lining up the slicing tool (attached). So I guess my question is 1. is there a "snap to pixel" 2. is there setting to say "use only full pixels" in which objects would snap to?* *I know there is the snap to pixel in the magnet, but that doesn't work when creating objects or moving them freely around. Thanks.
  9. It would be great to have the ability to round corners by px rather then the current %.
  10. I'd also like an option to disable the option + mouse scroll to zoom (or decrease sensitivity). I typically use Z + click, and I can see why people like to use the option + scroll but this gets to be a real pain when you are duplicating objects holding 'option', and then your document zooming in / out all over the place.
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