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  1. Hello, have the workbook in german since yesterday. It is a very good work document, even for more demanding tasks. Thank you for this great book. Greetings Dieter
  2. Hello, has done. One must after the selection of the video with a certain size to play the video and stop. Right mouse button - Save the video. Greeting Dieter The videos are all great.
  3. Hi, when I select a new video on Vimeo, the video will play but not download. No matter what size I choose. What am I doing wrong? Greeting Dieter
  4. Hi, where can I find the sample documents? Is very fast now. RAW about 4 seconds. Top. Greats Dieter
  5. yes +1, and at Inpaintig too. Greats Dieter
  6. Hi Mark, while scrolling in the library with the mouse wheel remains the application. Only Ctrl + Alt + Delete is possible. Always tried again. Is the same. WIN7 64 16GB RAM Greeting Dieter
  7. Hello toltec and Alfred, thank you very much. Now I understand it. The with the selection with filling I had not done before. Helped me a lot. Thanks again and again Greeting Dieter
  8. Hi thanks. But I can not get there - maybe I have a failure in my brain. What setting with filling do I need to use ?. I use the selection level and that is also shown but moving this content is not possible - only the whole document. Which video (tutorial) can help here. Greeting Dieter
  9. Hi, how can I move a part of the image within the image? I copy the background layer and work on the new layer. I mask a portion of the image, e.g. the lower half and would like to move the left by a few cm to the left and then to the right. - So I make a new masking level and now? I have tried but I can not move anything it moves always view the overall document. Can someone help me? Thank you and Greeting Dieter
  10. Hi Rick G, yes this is indeed so. No scrolling possible in the Marco library. Is a bug. Nice that you have reported this. Greeting Dieter
  11. +1 Hi, very good idea. Should one make, would be no great effort. Greeting Dieter
  12. Hi, very good macro. Excellent. Thanks for your work and sharing. Greeting Dieter
  13. Hi, no you're not the only one. How do all that one can store presets personnel (macro is only partial a replacement). But this was often desired / requested. Unfortunately still not realized, but I hope nevertheless included in the to-do list. Greeting Dieter
  14. Hi, Thank You. I've found stars as a brush (starlight.abr), these can also be used in AffPhoto. Thanks again and greeting Dieter
  15. Hi, how can I retrofit light sources (lantern) with a starlight? Has anyone a tip. Thanks and regards Dieter
  16. Hello, there is a change list for new features for the 1.6 betas, so a summary of all changes. The individual ChangeList for each beta version is available (almost exclusively Bug-removal). Is list of new features available or planned on a new official version. Thanks and regards Dieter
  17. Very nice. Greets Dieter
  18. Hi, had also first thought it is an error - can be however in the view turn on. Otherwise so far no problems. Greeting Dieter
  19. Hello toltec, very well described. Thank you Greeting Dieter
  20. Hi Alfred, yes you must first select a text letter and then double-click on the Glyph selection, then it is inserted. Thanks for your help. Dieter
  21. Hello Meb, yes this is clear. But how do I get the selection in the text or in a new document ?. Have tried a lot, but no success. Method? Greeting Dieter
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