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  1. +1 I also want and need this feature, it is very important. It's amazing how Artboard Studio, a web application has this feature, and it works very well. Please guys, you can do it!!!! It's a shame just to have perspective:
  2. Thank you! it's a good trick. But I'm not sure if this trick can work correctly, in cases where there are many objects, on a map for example. Thanks again!
  3. #Pixelmator just did it! 😲 Please guys! we need this in AF 🥺
  4. Hi @Dan C Thanks for reply. AP version: Yep, the two option are checked. PSD file: https://www.dropbox.com/t/FiOL1dmrPjY30bA8 Best regards!
  5. Hello guys! I also want to thank you for the possibility of including PSD mockups. We are on version 1.8.5 and we still have this same problem. Is this going to be corrected? can we have hope? Thanks in advance.
  6. X2 It's funny, or ridiculous of me, but I want to confess that I have gone to that twitter thread sometimes too, just to see that function. 🤣...😀...😣.......😭
  7. Wow! the numbers do not lie, and they are very realistic, although sometimes they seem cruel. there are many, many, many days ...
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